📱I built a snake game with ChatGPT - playproduction.de

📱I built a snake game with ChatGPT

Mitch Koko
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  1. it's headache prompting and fixing GPT code

  2. Hello! Can u do a video about bloc and cubit?? Or just bloc.. I've been searching youtube for agesss i couldn't find a good video

  3. I'm looking forward to your backend videos!!☺

  4. You are expert of flutter…❤
    Give me tips to learn flutter now a days… using AI

  5. Please make a separate vedio for this…😊

  6. I found you can ask chatgpt to only output the parts it changes, rather than the whole block each time

  7. someone should make one of the ChatGPT on liners that is just made for programmers (like only writing methods and not whole classes for you)

  8. Bro is adding PLEASE to the back of his chat gpt request …he knows what's coming 😂😂😂 during the AI revolution

  9. I completely agree with you when you say ChatGPT is good for starting one idea, but not great to continue working with it.
    That being said, I've used it to discover diferent ways to create multimedia examples with flutter, but to be honest, I've discovered way more things while doing them myself.
    For games there's more than 4 ways to code them in Flutter:
    #1 Using flutter components
    #2 Using Canvas
    #3 Using HTML
    #4 Using any other programing language compatible with Flutter or Framework and create a viewport for it our Flutter application.

  10. Can you do a video about image picker and image cropper

  11. hey bro,why github shows my flutter projects as C++ and how can i change it ?

  12. This guy is better than flutter main channel . 👏

  13. Hi mate! I love your stuff. You are doing great. How did you make this outro animation?

  14. I know this is not related to the video, but I really would appreciate the help if you make a video on how to use sprite sheets in flutter.

    My background is JavaScript and I used to make sprite sheets and use them on HTML canvas. What would be the flutter equipment to that?

  15. I know you have shot a lot of ui videos and now focusing on backend more we would really appreciate if you create twitters account screen, that could really teach us a lot about ui.

  16. Thanks this help me how to get code that was written in half.

  17. Hi Mitch can u please make a tutrial for a chat application with firebase.
    Keep Going

  18. Can you please do a series course on flutter REST API integration for beginners? 🙏

  19. Dear Mitch Koko,

    I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to you today with a humble plea to consider creating a tutorial on how to build custom splash screens in Flutter.

    As someone who is passionate about app development, I have been following your YouTube channel for some time now and have found your tutorials to be incredibly informative and helpful. I have recently been working on a new app project and am struggling with creating a custom splash screen. I know that this is an area of expertise for you and I believe that a tutorial from you would be incredibly beneficial not just to me, but to countless other developers who are looking to improve their skills in this area.

    Your approachable teaching style and clear explanations make your tutorials easy to follow, even for beginners. I am confident that your guidance and expertise on this topic would be immensely valuable to me and many others in the developer community.

    I understand that you have a busy schedule and receive numerous requests from your followers, but I truly believe that this tutorial would be a game-changer for many of us. Please consider my request and know that your contributions to the developer community are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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