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24 hours to make the SCARIEST GAME

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I have 24 hours over the course of 2 days to make the scariest creepy indie horror game that will terrify Barji. Don’t play No Snake Hotel at 3am or you’ll get snaked lol. BTW have you heard of Choo-Choo Charles?


  1. I like snakes. You ever seen a snake wearing a tophat

  2. Did you know that the famous YouTuber it's funny actually played your game she was kind of disappointed that the game was short


  4. Turns out the other guy was actually frightened by the concept art

  5. Yandere dev can't make a simple game in 6 years with help of others with all the stea- i mean money support and this man is making one way better game in one year. Yandere dev should be taking notes but that would take away his money income.

  6. I watched barjis video(I think I spelt it wrong)

  7. i absolutely love the excuse to make a horror game.

  8. What kinda hardware do you use to make these games bro?

  9. Try To Make My Idea,
    Spiders Coming Out Of Nowhere
    Dark Places Where [REDACTED] Can Spawn,

  10. You look like you have been awake for 90 hours. 😂

  11. I want some Charles lore
    Like is that just his body? Is he a demon spider inside a train? What exactly is he and where did he come from

  12. I like how your videos are short enough. They are not like 25 min empty videos but shorter and concentrated.

  13. "scaring people is fun.. It just is.."


  14. Me: checks description to see if its a real game
    The game: is real
    Me: wanting to play
    9:30AM: no.
    Edit: i got farther in the vid and saw where to download it💀

  15. I would actually pay to see full release of this, like we’re you have to hid in Air ducts

  16. I HAVE THE (prob not the best)BUT BEST HORROR GAME IDEA!

  17. I think Markiplier played this game in one of his videos

  18. How many game servers you got for your games? I wanna create games too but got no money for game servers for online games

  19. every other mf's tooking 7years to 10 years for making a video game instead this dude only took 24 hrs for making game like this hat's off for you bro you are so talented

  20. Bruh this thing looks like DOORS!😂

  21. you know when I saw a YouTuber play this game and it said two stars and I'm like hold on is that the dev making CCC

  22. i saw this 6 months back and once again now cuz of twitter lol

  23. Marvel:China can't copy doctor strange

  24. As someone with a great fear of snakes can tell you one thing. Little snake slithering away was far scarier than the enormous snake

  25. the 50hz rumble is cheap dude. and makes me really sick :/

  26. Brother u are making very much good and appreciated game Indian people's are just loving ur game plz realze no snake hotel game and chcoo chcoo Charles it's the best test game

  27. Man I can’t even get shit done in just one hour ;-;

  28. TronusGames - Back Project Utgardr on Kickstarter! says:

    No-Snakes Hotel deserves more snakes… as guests i mean…

  29. Your the one making choo choo Charles wow you earned a sub

  30. Yo my YouTuber fusionzgamer played this game and enjoyed it

  31. Indiana Jones wants to know your location

  32. What are ya talkin' bout you can throw balls out a somewhere

  33. I’m not an nft guy but if you sold the last on I would buy it

  34. *Then uninstalled as i played it for only 20 seconds

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