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252 in snake game

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This is my third time getting 252 in snake game.
i have used slawek382’s strategy his channel is :


  1. Por alguna razon me recordo a 31 minutos xd.

  2. Imagine your network going down at this moment 😂

  3. wow anying is really bad anying if my phone is definitely broken awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, sorry toxic, natural for Indonesian people wkwkwkkwkw don't be offended huh

  4. if ur bored go on small bord with fast snake and perfect that

  5. І ця хуйня зібрала 2млн переглядів??

  6. Who else thought he would die when he got the last apple lol

  7. This is so nostalgic. I used to play this on my grandmothers phone when I was younger.

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