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252 in snake game

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This is my third time getting 252 in snake game.
i have used slawek382’s strategy his channel is :


  1. When your I.T teacher has been out for the past 2 weeks

  2. İt's a factory of apple. The system is really good.

  3. the school you go to must be proud you got this high score on their computers

  4. Wish I was spoiled when I was little lmao having a pc like nothing

  5. when he casually just says "im gonna clip it"

  6. I used to get stuck playing Snake on a Tracfone as a teen a lot. Was fun maxing out the snake like this.

  7. noone cares aout the 252 score, all we care about is the poor guy who got edited down on on fortnite lmao.

  8. I have nokia 0 from year 2000, so there's a black-white snake where u can get like 1000 score (im not joking, i dont have a digital mobile phone, but 20 years old button nokia telephone)

  9. And now why is that video is recommended after 2 years and everybody saw that video new (not all of them some of them)

  10. why don’t you upload u get 2 million views

  11. ok but now beat the walls mode, you can do it by clicking the trophy icon until a brick wall appears

  12. "Mom we can have snake?
    "No we have snake in home
    The snake in home:

  13. Think if this snake really exists 😅

  14. The girl: too ez for me
    The girl again: i wanna play It again

  15. My eyes after this video: I have (ironically) seen enough, adios amigo

  16. I was starting to get scared hoping it wasn’t a jump scare 😂

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