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252 in snake game

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This is my third time getting 252 in snake game.
i have used slawek382’s strategy his channel is :


  1. You've had the patience to do something Ive never been able to do

  2. We all know what's hiding in the "school stuff" folder

  3. Jokes on you I played snake on a school computer and I got 276

  4. Imagine have RTX 4060 (idk if its exist), 3 curved screen, watercouled PC, 60 Go RAM, a chair Who have surround sound with extrem quality of sound, for have 252 Apple in Snake

  5. why is this getting recommended to me now in 2021?

  6. Its so hard you are so good

  7. Is nobody gunna talk about the fact that he did this 3 whole times?

  8. When steam updating and this the only game you can play

  9. I saw a kid playing this on the bus and now I see it everywhere

  10. Mom:What will you do with your life later
    My life at 25:

  11. When I was playing snake back in the days on a Nokia phone, I was also able to fill the screen entirely….but…….the speed of the game was much faster.

  12. this kid must be really popular in computing class

  13. At that speed its nothing special smh

  14. Man you don't care if you get 252 it's like an everyday thing for you?!

  15. You can hear the teacher in the background 😂

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