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252 in snake game

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This is my third time getting 252 in snake game.
i have used slawek382’s strategy his channel is :


  1. Wow this is you most popular vid by let’s see how many views..?

    Only about 1.7mil. 😏

  2. mks_xx: 252 in snake game
    1.7M people: interesting

  3. Imagine playing the easy baby google chrome version though

  4. mans devoted his time to playing google snake

  5. Look likes what companies think a gaming computer looks like

  6. Yk he’s boring when he play snakes with his own computer

  7. É umas das coisas mais satisfatórias que eu já vi

  8. looks like the algorithm has brought us here again.

  9. this man is too dangerous to be kept alive….

  10. If u so good at that Come and Beat my ass at Minecraft pvp Xbox 360 addition

  11. Dude I hated this game when I was little it was to hard

  12. You and me has been end this gameplay ya?

  13. We will watch your career with great interest

  14. I got 255 once, I swear on your mom's life

  15. His enemy: I bet your not even good and the snake game! Hah! I got 34 apples!


  16. When a 12 year old kid flexes with not having a life and spending hours a day just to get 252 in a snake game

  17. If this video is in your recommended you are true legend

  18. oml i remember my entire class being obsessed with this game in sixth grade 💀

  19. Snake has political correctness. I loved it.

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