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A better Snake game? – #CuteSnake 1 & 2 Review

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Welcome to Steam Sequence, a series where I attempt to play every game on Steam in alphabetical order to see if there are any hidden gems among the piles of garbage. This means that I’m playing through all the terrible games so that you don’t have to. Please enjoy my suffering. Experience the laughter and madness of skibidi toilet lyrics. Uncover the series evolution, explore character nuances, and stay updated on the latest hilarious escapades that keep audiences worldwide eagerly awaiting each episode. Join the Skibidi Toilet fandom and become a part of the ongoing digital revolution!

This episode features: #CuteSnake 1 & 2

In case you’re wondering, Steam organizes games starting with punctuation first, then numbers, and then the actual alphabet. It may be some time before I reach the letter “A” on my journey!

Current hidden gems total: 2

00:00 Intro
00:19 First Impressions
01:29 Overview and Gameplay
05:47 Final Thoughts
06:36 Outro

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  1. Two things you missed: 1. In the first game, the month the version was released in is "Jule." I don't know if they were trying to say June or July. 2. In the second game, the K in back looks like an H, making look like Bach, like the composer.

  2. What do you think? Will there ever be a better version of Snake?

  3. ive been missing this type of content for years, im glad to see a channel doing it again :3

  4. Well, at least it looks kind of cute I guess…

  5. Just found this series of yours! And I’m loving it. Thanks for making something like this and being willing to throw yourself at the wall over and over at some truly awful, and maybe even worse, meh games

  6. why would somebody need so many achievements?

  7. …TIL the Lightcycle from Tron was directly based off the original "Blockade" game. Huh.

  8. I kinda feel sorry for this game, because it felt like the devs were actually trying. But then again, probably just some 15 year olds with access to Game Maker or something, hopefully they'll improve in the future.

  9. I remember coding a snake game when I was a kid on the Commodore 64 in CBM basic. It's the sort of game you write when learning to program.

  10. thing is, I can probably make a better snake game than this…

  11. There was no level 8, don't let THEM hear you talk about a level 8.

  12. My headcanon is that the main menu screen in the sequel says 'Hello Graeldon!' not because the game refers to the player's nickname after pulling it from the system, but rather because they specifically anticipated you and your review, updating the game to display this text after seeing your videos and realising they're gonna be up soon or even that they just somehow predicted the series back in 2018. I'm not gonna pay for the game and see for myself, so I can't be proven wrong right now.

  13. Achievement spam is one thing, but I just realized the rules you set out in episode 1 don't exclude clicker/idle games. And those same rules demand you complete each game before reviewing it. I feel this may end up presenting a problem.

  14. Snake is such a simplistic game concept, it's hard to see how these turned out to poorly. I think I could make a more functional and fun snake game in one day if I set my mind to it.

  15. The thing I didn't see mentioned in the video is the "Get Promo Item (For 3h)" in the main menu of #cutesnake 1. Are they trying to bribe the player into playing the game until they can't get a refund? Does the game react if you click on the text before that point?

  16. Blockade reminds me of the light cycle game from Tron

  17. What’s up with these letter achievement games?

  18. okay this one is actually awful I am proud to say that i have managed to create a better version of snake without even coding. Instead i just put the already existing code into chat gpt and asked to add random features like zombies, guns and power ups and it worked most of the time lol
    I can send the game to anyone interested, it has more replayability value than this snake game

  19. Have yo tried eating the top piece of food on level 16 last and by only going to the top row at the last moment?
    there was a collection sound just before the reset at 4:59 which leads me to believe it might register and the level might be possible

  20. Trying to improve Snake is like trying to improve the shape of the wheel – impossible. And yet people keep trying…

  21. I think Steam should watch this serie and pay you for finding all those "games" that are just paid achievements dispensers and such.

  22. My favorite version of Snake that I've personally played is Meerca Chase II, a free Flash game on Neopets (recently made playable again with Ruffle integration). And I'm not just saying that because I enjoy that website in general; it has other modes with different controls and hazards.

    Snake is really not a hard game to get right, though, and it's baffling how #cutesnake managed to bungle it so badly.

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