Arduino Snake Game with Raspberry Pi Pico and Nokia 5110 LCD -

Arduino Snake Game with Raspberry Pi Pico and Nokia 5110 LCD
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In this tutorial, we’ll be building a Snake Game with Arduino and Raspberry Pi Pico (It works with Pico W as well). We’ll be using the Nokia 5110 LCD to display the game scene.

If you’re a fan of Snake games, then this project is perfect for you! With the help of Arduino and Raspberry Pi, we’ll be able to create a Snake game that is playable on our Nokia 5110 LCD. Don’t miss out on this fun project! Unlock retro fun: play number munchers DOS game instantly online.

💻 Code & Parts:

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0:00 Intro to Nokia 5110 Snake
0:52 Parts Needed
1:17 Connecting the parts
3:10 Snake Game Gameplay
4:00 Software of the project
5:20 Final Thoughts

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  1. Hello, the code works good, except that when I reached a score of 5 of higher, then get past the game over screen and get a score of 5, something messes up the capacitance in the Deque.h library momentarily, then the gameplay continues I noticed if I change _data(new T[4]) to another number like 6, the glitch happens after the score reaches 7. Any help?

  2. Everything works besides the display, it lights up but it doesn't show anything, do you have any idea why?

  3. I hope you provide a tutorial on how to combine 2 1.8 inch LCDs with 1 camera on one PCB, Arduino PCB maybe? please

  4. Please make mobile number keypad and Nokia display useding SIM900a

  5. Please make mobile phone Nokia display keypad SIM 900 use call and SMS full coding explain

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