ASMR Programming - Coding a Snake Game - No Talking -

ASMR Programming – Coding a Snake Game – No Talking

Servet Gulnaroglu
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A snake game with Javascript!

Keyboard: Skylong SK64 Red Switches ()

Source Code :


  1. One content, two languages. What I have now written may have a perfect mirror in another language.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This Guy : I can do this all day.
    Me : I can watch this all day.

    Love ❤️ your videos my man, this is really satisfying to watch.

  3. Man, just saw your first video ever, man you are amazing.

  4. i have a question : what is the command to control the snake ?

  5. What is he using to enter code? I am being taught to use notepad, notepad++, and there was another I don't remember but yours looks really nice and easier to use

  6. Abi videon çok güzel olmuş vallaha izlerken uykum geldi klavyenin sesi ve senin kodu yazarkenki akıcılığın mükemmel bende büyüyünce inşAllah yazılımcı olmak istiyorum senin gibi 🙂 ve videoların çok güzel başarılarının devamını dilerim

  7. For all the programmers
    how can u doing this whole things without ANY FAULT !!!!!🤷🤷
    i have to leave for 2000 years to understand programming 😔😔

  8. I just learned I could pause a YouTube video with the space bar! 🤯🤯

  9. its like writing a screenplay or novel except that the story is happening in the computer.

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  11. sorry to ask, this is programming using an application or from the CMD system because I don't know where to start

  12. How is programming with 60% keyboard? (i want to buy it)


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  15. What code do you use to program this? Do you use javaScript?

  16. Here I thought I was the only one who does unnecessary clicks from time to time.
    Makes me feel better to know that I am not the only one :3

  17. Excellent job! How did you start programming? Where did it start? Thank you!

  18. One question, may someone understand. How does coding work? I’m saying like, for you to write a code it must be accepted and actually do something. I don’t know how to explain myself but whatever code you write why does it work ? Is it a code language that was accepted by a system and if so, who gave you authorization for the code to work?

  19. Please which İDE did you use for this programming?

  20. can someone tell me how did he setup vim for that

  21. My movie serial are programming tutorials.

  22. 25:57 : you can see in line102, you made a typo
    102: } else if (headTail.x == canvas.widh*) {
    I bet that's why when your snake hits the right wall, the snake doesn't reappear in the left side. That's a bug you need to solve.

  23. Bu kanalı yeni keşfettim gerçekten bayıldım elinize sağlık 🙂

  24. belirli sitelerde kodlama hakkında öğretim veriyormusunuz acaba

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