ASMR Programming - Coding a Snake Game - No Talking -

ASMR Programming – Coding a Snake Game – No Talking

Servet Gulnaroglu
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Coding a Snake Game with Python

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Keyboard: Skylong SK64 Red Switches()
Source Code:

00:00 Coding
16:26 Handling Bugs
18:54 Playing with the values


  1. Very encouraging … I am not in gaming but I have several problems to be solved and if after learning python i can solve a problem in an hours coding effort then I have saved myself a ton of time. Thanks a lot. And yes, No Talking is phenomenal.

  2. What I really can't understand is how computer is translating the codes to something that it can know

  3. It's great but I'm still finding difficult to run ..I'm still beginner..what did you type it's abit fast so I couldn't get it….

  4. Question. How do you move these screens? What shortcut is that? 0:00

  5. wow are you actually using a mac? i am impressed

  6. really smart building system. I have a lot to take away from your video. Thanks!

  7. 5:16 line 40, why are you dividing the frame size with square size and multiplying it again? It will just return the frame size.

  8. best way to train! followed step by step 🙂

  9. اقسم بالله صوت الكيبورد طرب ولا احسن عازف ارجوا إن تفيد البشرية …

  10. Can you do please coding a 3D game,if its hard for you dont do it.

  11. As a game dev, I can confirm that game development is for chads

  12. how can u run this game
    i'm only a beginner

  13. Klavyeye bakarak mı ekrana bakarak mı yazıyorsun

  14. Me learning coding from asmr (i like to learn without anyone teaching me this and that )

  15. game_window = pygame.display.set_mode(frame_size_x, frame_size_y). I am getting an error that size must be two numbers… Any help

  16. For some reason, when I launch vscode on my Mac m1, later it is burning hot. Anyone else got the same problem? If so any solutions?

  17. Your typing precision is horrible. I can't watch this. It's like watching a movie/game with stuttering…

  18. yo bro it says no module named 'pygame' what to do??

  19. i love watching these videos cuz even though im beginner and i dont understand pretty much anything, i learned a lot, i always tried to think why u used that and that… and i learned a lot, i recommend everytime when u dont know any command or smth from this video think about it why and when u really dont know just google it or watch video about it, u will learn so much things, if u wont just type it and try to think about that.

  20. Does anyone know how to change the square defined as a food into any image I want?

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