ASMR Programming: Snake Game, C - No Talking -

ASMR Programming: Snake Game, C – No Talking

Serene Dev
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ASMR Programming. Live coding a snake game in C.

Keyboard: kbdfans Tofu60/DZ60rgb

Source code:

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  1. Love this keyboard sound, wish to see more videos!

  2. coding in c just makes everything that more satisfying

  3. Very good video, your skills are impresive. Viedoes will be better to watch with better quality micrphone.

  4. I got error at #include <termios.h> ,I don't know what happens cuz I just start learning to program

  5. The keyboard sounds great but your typos while using it were driving me crazy! But still great video 😀

  6. what editor/ide do you use for writting C code ?

  7. Im amazed how many devs in the comments don't know what nvim is

  8. Сука, какой же бесячий звук клавы, это пезда

  9. From where are You using some characters that are not english in printf

  10. Where can I find a table of ESC sequences, such as [%iB, [?25l, etc.?

  11. Your keyboard is so satisfying man. By the way, I am your new subscriber..

  12. If you record the clicking noise, you could at least make sure it doesn't get butchered by the audio compression.

  13. When your keyboard beats any tap dancer ever.

  14. What is your vim's configuration?

  15. I can't hear shit because of your noisy ass keyboard

  16. This s what we call short and sweet bravo.

  17. Hey friend! Seems I'm quite late to the video, though I was very delighted to see this in my recommendations, since the idea to make a snake game in C had been in my mind since long.

    Almost done with a third of the video, and here I'm unable to understand the usage of "e[iB]" and escape sequences of the similar sort.
    My biggest obstruction is how to get rid of the snake's body while it's moving, clearing the screen doesn't help, so I was trying to find for ways to make the body of the snake disappear in an efficient way. I really do wish to learn the thing you have implemented to print, as well as erase the snake's head and tail . If possible, I'd like to know about some resources to learn these, and what would be better if you could help me (and others) with this by explaining it yourself! (If you have got sufficient time 🙂

    Thanks for the video!

  18. The fact that they just started recording and made the whole thing… means they really understand what they're doing. I don't even know how to make Zork in BASIC (probably way above the head of a beginner)

  19. what software are you using?
    pls i need to know

  20. Are you coding in Visual Studio or do you have some other software? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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