Being the First to Beat Twin Mode Again | Google Snake Twin Mode 5 Apple All Apples -

Being the First to Beat Twin Mode Again | Google Snake Twin Mode 5 Apple All Apples

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I beat this way faster than I thought, and I’m the first to do it again. I got a time of 4:54.840.


  1. Never thought I would ever hear myself say, "That is some good apple RNG right there." I think I need to lay down.

  2. It's been a few hours since I watched this but I can still hear it

  3. I love how much faster you eat the apples in the late game than the early game, also what do those numbers on the right side of the screen mean?

  4. How do you automate this game? Did you modify the game itself to control it from AI code or what do you do?

  5. hibana giant legged princess bitching doll says:

    all i hear is phew phew phew phew

  6. Apparently the sounds of the snake moving along with the eating of fruits caused my cat to go boba eyed 😮

  7. Dont Think i dont notice that Raider Profile Picture

  8. is it just me who hears "volume" when the snake eats the apple?

  9. ive listened to this so long that wchouh doesnt feel like a real word anymore

  10. is that harder or easier then normal mode

  11. Sounds effects literally sound like someone clicking button on the main menu of a videogame

  12. from a technical standpoint this doesnt seem very hard but from actual gameplay this is insane

  13. CJ BlueThunder / LegoSonic SpinDash2.0 says:

    That is weird to watch at the end. Kinda disorienting.

  14. Clearly hacking, the snake kept turning around

  15. ngl while everyone is getting anxiety from seeing it switch every time it ate an apple, i found it to slightly hurt my eyes idk why

  16. Me after lobotomy trying to navigate in my house😂🔥

  17. Beginning of the game: "That sound won't get annoying!"

  18. Is it just me that thinks every time the snake eats an apple it says “Ohio”

  19. Can't tell if easier cause the reverse snake kept allowing you out of what would be fail states in classic snake or harder because towards the end you have to do a series of quick inputs while not getting screwed up by the ever shifting reference point you're moving from

  20. Imagine every time you eat an apple, your head and your arse switches places. Or better yet, your rectum has to grow teeth and tolerate objects as big as an apple coming in.

  21. 🌌 • 𝐾𝑜𝑟𝑦 / 𝑀𝑜𝑜𝑛 !! • 🌺 says:

    The fact it goes like … 75, 100, *124* , 150, 175… really frustrates me

  22. you eat a apple and your tail is faceing the wall how do you get out of that

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