Blindfolded Snake Challenge (Game)- Part 2! -

Blindfolded Snake Challenge (Game)- Part 2!

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Today we blindfold our brave friends and challenge them to identify our snakes based on touch alone. Of course, we can’t resist throwing a few curveballs at them… So sit back, and let the hilariousness begin!



Music by Bensound and YouTube studio library.


  1. Emuly: will blindfold our frends
    Also Emuly: our poor frends ( i don't know how to spell frends.)

  2. Anna needs to know the sex of the snake and is sadly not ablye to to ges the snake by its tung flikes

  3. Nick to try spooted hognoosed snake: it feales like a chicin.
    The snake: breath in breath out, and don't explode with rage.

  4. its funny Nick ofesly dousent know a lot about snakes, yet he did this chalenge

  5. the western hog nose pikcher was soooooooooooo cute/ derpy

  6. I was laughing in tears at the rope!

  7. You should blindfold the snakes and have them identify your friends for part 3 XD

  8. when emily said our friends. our poor friends

    i was like *Do YoU HaVe a bLaCk mAmba???????????

  9. Nick: Hmm, yes, this snake is made of snake

  10. me watching nick: having a heart attack laughing!!!

  11. at 8:19 Jace laughing so hard he might die. Me: dying with laughter!!!!

  12. pretending to understand
    yeah that's basically my whole family when I talk about snakes XD

  13. Anna when the snake Flicked it’s a tongue it meant that it was interested in eating you because you’re of your fingers

  14. Leioheterodon madagascariensis Me: what da heck 2 minutes of intense googling later Me: OK so its a giant Madagascar hognose  goes back to watching video turns out i didn't have to google that

  15. Voidbear, AKA FNAF and Undertale can be friends says:

    I want a part 3 where you give one of them Buck(the scaleless snake)

  16. "Is it chunky soup? Is it heartier like that?" 😂

  17. You guys should do this too and see if you can identify your own snakes 😅

  18. This is the cutest friggin thing ever!!! The rope at the end!!

  19. Am I the only one who is really uncomfortable with legless lizards

  20. Jace's smile when the snake was trying to bite him was honestly adorable ❤️

  21. nick is obviously very knowledgeable about snakes

  22. With so much of their faces covered, Jace and Bri looked very similar.

  23. we are going to blindfold our friends… our pore friends xD

  24. Next time put in Peanut, he will definitely throw them for a loop with his size

  25. My main question is, Do any of these people have youtube channels or other social media?

  26. I want to Play that game so badly but hi Live in Virginia

  27. Well here I am watching a video 24/7

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