Bot Plays Snake Perfectly | Small Wall All Apples -

Bot Plays Snake Perfectly | Small Wall All Apples

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This is a bot playing google snake.
Because of the way the walls spawns, it’s not always possible to finish this gamemode. I tried to program the bot to play optimally to influence the wall spawning for a good layout. But I gave up and instead used some RNG tricks. Theoretically this can be done by human, with enough luck.

How did you get that amazing color?
– That’s a secret. The reason for this color is that now nobody can try to submit this video as a valid run to the speedrun community.


  1. if you play it in 2x speed it will sound satisfying

  2. The amount of skill it would take to time all those turns is actually quite insane. Bots are superior in gaming no doubt

  3. I’m trying to beat this in slow mode and have 61

  4. the thing i like is the cool song mr snake made in there
    edit :if i am right about the A.I being A* im a genius

  5. "Do you know how to play musical insturments?"
    "Which one?"

  6. *dream speedrun music starts playing

  7. Lol i saw someone use your videos in a livestream and they got exposed

  8. The most I ever got was 91 on small map infinite mode

  9. I doubt anyone will believe this but I play snake a lot in my spare time and this is the mode I main, and I've only gotten the 71 apples once, I had only one apple left but its cool to think I can go hand and hand with a bot

  10. "That's a secret"
    That's literally a game setting to change the color of the snake

  11. The sound the snake makes when he turns is like music

  12. i knew it was going to win but i was so stressed throughout the whole video

  13. Amazing! But I see the word tas and if you haven’t heard tas is a robotic controller that controls very accurately by itself

  14. Dude sorry but this video is real?

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