Bot Plays Snake Perfectly | Wall All Apples -

Bot Plays Snake Perfectly | Wall All Apples

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This is a Bot playing Google Snake.


  1. I would like to see minesweeper mode, fast snake, small map
    my record is 15

  2. This belongs in an oddly satisfying video

  3. Did anyone notice that instead of being fat that snake becomes long when he/she eats

  4. Just realized that when it gets to the point where all the walls are placed the bot just goes in a loop

  5. Screw other AMSR, this is satisfying as all get out

  6. POV: middle school boys in class

  7. Wow this person is so good. Almost like they're a bot like it says in the title and descripition

  8. dang, it feels like im seeing a baby brain expanding 3 times bigger each days


    Also me: watches this video


  10. whos making a trap remix of snake going through wall all apples

  11. The way it fills up all the little crevices before it gets to the apple is so satisfying

  12. Why is this so anxiety-inducing help

  13. fnf fans be like: yo this shit fire!! 🔥🔥🔥

  14. i’ve never been so anxious and satisfied simultaneously

  15. how does this work? at the end when the walls fill up it looks like its a Hamiltonian cycle. but before that it looks like its taking the most direct route? what logic are you using to switch between those behaviors? crazy cool

  16. you know you are good when the apples start spawning in front of you

  17. plot twist: he was actually playing the whole time

  18. tbh this video calms me so much. I use this for my meltdowns

  19. this might be the single most stressful shit i've ever seen

  20. Large map coming soon! Subscribe if you don't want to miss it 🐍

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