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C++ Snake Game

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In this Video I show you how to write Snake in 130 lines of code using SDL2 as the graphics library.
This is an awesome project for beginners learning how to code. This program was written in C++. Please leave any questions in the comment section, I will get to them when I’m able.

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  1. I keep getting an issue of ')' skipping unexpected tokens before lambda body in the collision detection with snake

  2. {500, 500, 10, 10} constructor does not exist, according to g++

  3. Hello, i show the error when i get try to compiler
    C:msys64mingw64includec++12.2.0bitsnew_allocator.h|175|error: new initializer expression list treated as compound expression [-fpermissive]|,
    C:msys64mingw64includec++12.2.0bitsnew_allocator.h|175|error: no matching function for call to 'SDL_Rect::SDL_Rect(int)'|


  4. can you tell what you have written in the MakeFile

  5. Please suggest me which code editor i should use,
    And this code editor name!! That you are using

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