Cara Majaka Telugu Full Movie | Geethika, Sangeetha | Sri Balaji Video -

Cara Majaka Telugu Full Movie | Geethika, Sangeetha | Sri Balaji Video

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Watch & Enjoy Cara Majaka Telugu Full Movie With English Subtitles. Starring Geethika, Sangeetha, Rajeev Kanakala, Ramya Krishna, Nassar, Ali, LB Sriram, Music Composed by Deva, Story – Direction Ram Narayana.

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Ramji and Sangeetha are married and have a daughter Keerthika. Their happy lives are shattered when Keerthika’s behaviour turns strange. After consulting a psychologist, they find that she is being haunted by a ghost. It is actually Sangeetha’s friend Kaveri’s ghost. Soon, their car changes into a magic robot, shocking the entire town. That is actually the work of Kaveri’s brother’s ghost. Watch the film to see whether the ghosts are exorcised and the family ever gets back to normal life.


  1. 👍👍👍👌🌹🌹🌹💖💖💖💖

  2. Those who created that movie are free in their minds. And i can respect that :)Also "Burnt while digested" is definitly the title of the next brutal death song i want to listen.Thanks for the movie :))

  3. Super movie 🍿 bro 💕✨👻🫂💪💥🤞

  4. E movie my child wood emotion 😍😍😭😭

  5. WOW this little girl can dance ! lovely ghost story not 2 scary.thanks SriBalajmovies.

  6. Super excited movie thank you so much and Alli and ramyakrishina and Papa super excited i love this movie

  7. Nanarland brought me in. Not disappointed: Bollywood vs Transformers vs "Christine" vs "The Exorcist" and counting… – but the whole piece is by far waaaaaaay spacier than the references. Don't let some unsynchronized lipsyncing (guess it is a dubbed version) take you out. Give. It. A. Try.

  8. I think one of the person who is associated with this movie is an automobile engineer

  9. R.రంగనాయక్.గా.రు Ramavath says:


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