CATS TV - Catch Realistic Snake 🐍 - 3 HOURS (Video Game for Cats to Watch) -

CATS TV – Catch Realistic Snake 🐍 – 3 HOURS (Video Game for Cats to Watch)

CATS TV – Game for Cats
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NEW 2021 game for your cats: CATCH the snake!
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I had fun with my cats and this new remote-controlled snake toy, my cats were so confused that I needed to make a video for you!

Entertain your cats with CATS TV, the best games for cats to watch, and make them feel happy and healthy. Let me know your cat’s reaction in the comments, mine love it 🐱


*NEW* Real mouse:
Real laser pointer:
Real Bouncing balls:
Catch the ladybug:

Realistic Mosquito:

Realistic mouse:

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– FR –

Pour cette vidéo, j’ai acheté un serpent télécommandé qui a bien intrigué mes chats. J’ai décidé d’en faire une vidéo pour vous ! Un jeu pour chat qui devrait les distraire et les intriguer pendant des heures 🐱

Amusez vos chats avec les jeux CATS TV et faites leur faire du sport ! N’hésitez pas à me dire la réaction de vos chats dans les commentaires (les miens adorent !)

N’oubliez pas de vous abonner pour soutenir la chaîne, et postez vos idées de futures vidéos et de jeux pour chats en commentaire, les meilleurs seront réalisées !


  1. Please keep coming out with more like this (ex. Snake, ribbon, anything slithery). Thank you so much for posting these!

  2. I love this video but why is it titled cat games ? While my cat did show some interest I found myself obsessed with trying to catch the salamander I couldn't stop until it became an addiction. Great video

  3. Soon as I put this on, Janine attacked my phone (RIP phone)

  4. How did your cats react to the snake? 🐍
    Let me know 😻

  5. My little guy Mario absolutely loves this and all of your videos. It's so fun to watch him try to catch whatever is moving on the screen.

  6. My cat Bacon almost pushed my monitor off my desk! he really enjoyed this video!

  7. My cutey kerry play this game badly and she do like it

  8. My cat rlly enjoy playing this game! Kerrybaby luvvvvv it sooo…GOODJOB

  9. 🐈🐈 Tengo dos gatitos llamar a luna y

  10. The best ever, Charlie tried to catch, watched several minutes.

  11. Could you make a long video with only the amphibians on it? PLEASE! My cat only reacts to the snakes (all of em), alligator, salamander, lizard, etc. I been watching your videos for a while, & waiting for such a video, bc I usually don’t reply, due to lengthy work schedule. Haven’t seen such a video yet, so I must reply.

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