Classic Retro Snake Game design using MATLAB GUI || let's dECodE -

Classic Retro Snake Game design using MATLAB GUI || let’s dECodE

let’s dECodE
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Here is our first tutorial video, snake game using MATLAB GUI. We suggest you to try it while watching, so you can understand better. By the end of this video you will be able to know how to design snake game and design it on your own. You can also learn the conditional statements like “if” and “else if” conditions and “basics of GUI” in this video. Other versions of the snake game are left for the viewer’s self-check. Based on the requests we will upload video about it. Your likes, shares and comments will motivate us to provide you with more interesting and useful tutorial videos like this.
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You can find the code for it here:

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  1. Good video but your description of changes in x and y co-ordinates is a bit wrong at 6:03. Shouldn't lateral movement affect x values and vertical movement affect y values?

  2. Bro, how to solve too much argument error when used randperm(size(mat_r, 1), 1)?

  3. Your video and explanation is awesome can I get some source code for this please

  4. gran video, muy bueno …. por casualidad podrias sacar la otra parte?

  5. Does anyone have that feval(gui_State….And gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:}) ;? Even if I just copy the code

  6. Wonderful Start, Keep it Up and Up, All the Best

  7. Thank you soo much for this…it's very helpful

  8. Great content , Thank you for your effort

  9. Nice content, man. Keep it coming! You've got a new subscriber. Little positive feedback: pay attention to the transitions when editing. They are cut at places and the videos lose flow. Kudos, tho!

  10. Awesome. Remember me,
    I'll be following your channel 😄

  11. i tried and my matlab started behaving like strange thing………….. & i got error

  12. Followed your steps and doesn't work from the part where you start making gui, function doesn't work :
    Function definition are not supported in this context. Functions can only be created as local or
    nested functions in code files.

  13. in case of movement speed, can't put a formula instead of so many switch cases?

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