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CODE WITH ME | Python Snake Game

CS Jackie
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I’m a software engineer based in London with a background in mechanical and aerospace engineering. Most of my time is spent reading, coding and drinking too much coffee. I got into coding by automating simulation workflows and building, and now I’m documenting my life as an engineer on the internet. Ready your sword and sorcery: play golden axe online awaits adventurers.
Thanks for watching! 🙂

📝 chapters
0:00 intro
0:34 pygame
1:45 data structures
3:02 creating the playground & snake
4:58 code chrysalis
5:58 creating the target
7:12 coding the snake movement
10:27 coding the snake and target interaction
13:11 boundary conditions
15:00 outro

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  1. 14:41 is the face i make when something really simple that is not working for me 😂😂😂
    Sudoku or Chess might be a good challenge by the way

  2. as a software engineer, i'd love to have a woman like her haha. Nice vid', keep going !

  3. This video is incredible! What theme do you use?

  4. Hi Jackie! Glad to see you again. Please do more content. We miss you 🙁

  5. Hey Jackie, you plan to do more videos like this one? For example showing some backend or full stack?

  6. I feel like the input issue is caused by the low frame rate. You could try and increase the frame rate to 60 again but create a simple timer to tell the snake when it can move.

  7. This is great Thank you 🙂 it really helps to see a professional going through the same process of finding mistakes, debugging etc and sticking at it until they get the project where they want it. It inspires me to keep going/learning when I get stuck on my owm stuff

  8. Oh that's funny. "I won't do object-oriented, I will do spahetti-code instead". There is a huge world of procedural programming, some years back it was the way to write code. Procedural code is still a big part of your operating system. Not being object-oriented is not inherently bad, it's a completely normal way of doing things done

  9. Great video. But why are you wearing shoes in your apartment? Aint it uncomfortable?

  10. Haha, I tried to program this game 35 years ago in Turbo Pascal.

  11. 🐍Game by CS Jackie 👧 with 🍝Code

  12. On windows, it just automatically closed.

  13. Glad you made it through Amazon video layoffs. Go Jackie! Another relaxing video, thanks!

  14. 1:34 You clearly haven't seen the spaghetti I'm able to produce in Java. Spaghetti code knows no boundaries; it transcends design patterns and exists in a higher dimension than we can never possibly understand.

  15. Snake, Tetris bunlarda yüksek lisansım var, tetriste çubuk inat olsun diye gelmiyordu, tetrisin içinde ecünnü olabilir

  16. googling import random is next level thing, I'm glad i see this, I dont feel as bad as i though i am anymore 😀

  17. always nice to do snake in some language. Awesome that you made us watch you doing it. And im Happy that it's same "struggle" on you side as it was on mine, it's always good to do a little thing outside the box of the normal "work" related programming work. Nice video.

  18. As a dev with 10+ yr experience, I'd like to just say thank you.

  19. Hi Jackie. I can't send you an email. I received answer "Address not found"

  20. Great video with a great coding and inspirational content.following you so long .can you code a saas website?

  21. Oh greate usefull video we miss uh and pls try to upload video daily lot's of ❤😊

  22. I can remember, did this a my first university project, ASCII snake in the terminal haha, lots of fun 😀

  23. Love it!!!!!!!!!! Sooooo Beautifulll…Code….

  24. Even the simple games can take hours to code 😀

  25. I like these coding videos! Also I like how your genuine I your posts.
    Quick 2 questions: what’s your thoughts on SwiftUi?
    Is m1 MacBook Air a good upgrade and can code on it? (Using pro 2015 currently)

  26. A file with 600 lines of code? I have seen functions with 800 lines of code in files with >3k lines. Oh no comments nor docstrings. That was hardcore

  27. Great upload! I'm definitely sending this to Matthew Berman.. he's gonna love it. He literally tested about 20 different LLMs, instructing them to create a simple snake game in py… and AI is still trying to get it right… lol.

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