Coding a complete snake game in JavaScript -

Coding a complete snake game in JavaScript

Fun Fun Function
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  1. Hilarious video, I learned nothing and so much at the same time

  2. Lol I worked for Arcot for several years (not a developer). If it makes you feel any better, they co-wrote the 3D-Secure protocol with Visa.I'm pretty certain your bank didn't code anything. Most banks (even large ones) use Card Processors (3rd parties who handle all their transactions), and those processors would hire out a company like Arcot to do the authentication part of the transaction. As far as I remember, the card brands put a lot of pressure on the Financial Institutions to implement some sort of security solution like this by shifting fraud liability to them. There weren't many players when I was still working in that world, and I assume that hasn't changed.

  3. Did he just not save the file at the very end? I saw the white dot in visual studio meaning it was not saved? XD

  4. Meth Meth Method is back! What a surprise on Friday morning!

  5. Haven't even seen it yet but I see the guy from MethMethMethod! Do more stuff! Yay

  6. Meth Meth Method is a fu….g genius. I love you.

  7. Meth Meth Method! His Mario JS series was what taught me a lot about JS when I was just starting out. Great to see him again!

  8. good to see you again pontus! i loved your mario series

  9. Chrome has an excellent Debugger. Use it, by simply writing the word debugger wherever you want to set a breakpoint. This might also create a good impression during an interview!

  10. Pontus do you ever continue with your Super Mario Series? Your Channel was/is awesome man! πŸ‘πŸΌ

  11. Meth Meth Method, your Tetris and Mario playlists are so rich of knowledge, helped me a lot when I was starting, feels great to see you again!

  12. Lol I love this ! Great fun and good collab guys! Next up 3D with photorealistic rendering 120 hz!!

  13. Having worked at a company that provided software to financial institutions I can only assume how this JS code came to be. These companies are very closed off to provide the visage of high security. As a result, the devs are also not exposed to alternative coding practices and open source projects. The company I worked for had mostly PHP devs, but not many of us were very comfortable with front-end work. So, enhancing the UI in any way was rarely done with best practice and definitely done with a heaping amount of jQuery.

    Additionally, these companies focus on a particular browser because their clients never upgrade. So, usually support is dedicated to some old version of IE.

  14. What I learned …. My bank shows zero monies …. I should blame the computer.

  15. 39:59 – on back to using script tags. Isn't that html file just a .vue component lul?

  16. I know it's Swedish (because I am too), but the way he pronounces "HTML" sounds like "Hot Emmel", and that's how I'm gonna start pronouncing it at work now too.
    The others are already a bit weirded out that I pronounce "MySQL" as "My Squeal", so "Hot Emmel" will just be icing on the cake.

  17. "Smart people can think about many things at once"

    I think you're looking at it from the wrong perspective. I've been there, about a decade and a half ago. I confused advanced code with "being smart" and procedural programming with a lot of experience behind it as "thinking about a lot at once".

    That's not true at all, it's all down to experience. And you'll never feel "smart" doing it, but others will perceive you as smart if you display that experience.
    It's not intelligence, it's experience. It's not multitasking, it's experience.

    You know what comes next and you know how to get there, but that doesn't mean you're thinking about the next step yet. You just know the step before will be better for whatever code comes later because you've done that type of function a few hundred times before.

    But when it all comes down to it, you know just as little about the outcome in your 20th year of programming as you do your first. It's still "hacking until it works, then refactor". You just know what will work a bit better than your first year, or your fifth, or your tenth.

  18. Had this as an interview project not too long ago. Wish I thought of this approach.

  19. Why did Robert Downey Jr. colored his hair? And why is he coding snakes while Jarvis could build this stuff for him?

  20. You didn't SAVE THE FILE; that's why it never updated in the browser πŸ™

  21. The most swenglish accent I've heard in a while. Love it.

  22. I'm Miss Miss Missing Pontus' videos πŸ™

  23. Haha, that piece of shit company arcot systems – is run by an Indian dude (Ram Varadarajan) out of Sunnyvale, CA. =) I hope he sees this video. Scandalous is right.

  24. Enjoyed watching and following the initial draft of snake game. I really want pomle to continue adding content to his youtube channel. In fact just before this video I was trying to reach pomle about his youtube channel. Thank you mpj for bringing pomle

  25. I like your code style. Its like my own. Don't know why others complain always… πŸ˜€

  26. 39:20 actually, the width and height is resolution of the canvas, while the rendered size is based on style. So instead of context scaling, you could have simply set height and width of the canvas to 30 instead of 300 ^^

  27. what is this forEach sorcery? How does it work. Why don't you loop using *for in* ? πŸ˜€

  28. 1:09:58 spec for agents by w3c is to imply body if its missing in source πŸ˜‰ so its always there.

  29. I love that you show the imperfections and the process of figuring things out. Most other channels are very scripted and for beginners (like myself a year or so ago) it gives this illusion that the programmers hosting the tutorial just sorta memorize every thing or that it should be really easy and that can be discouraging when you first start out because its not that easy and not necessarily intuitive. It shows, while programming is working with machines, it still is VERY much a humanistic process.

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