Coding A Snake Game in Python -

Coding A Snake Game in Python

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Today we learn how to code a simple snake game in Python.

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  1. hello, NeuralNine did not show the code at the end, i have a few errors can someone help me with that? i really need to do this game but i cant run it, the screen goes all black

  2. snake and python go together! did u know there is also a raster pattern in the form of a snake!

  3. I always like your videos before watching the video because I know your videos are always awesome.

  4. I'm not kidding when I say I was looking for this yesterday and now you post it. What a coincidence and thank you! 😅

  5. I used to skip sponser part but if you are recommending it, i will add tabnine. and thank you for amazing videos. <3

  6. me after programming snake game in python:

    "I used the snake to make the snake"

  7. Day 2 : pls make a vid on neural networks 🙃🙂

  8. great tutorial , and pygame is still good apparently

  9. Can someone help me install Tabnine in Vim plss 😩.

  10. Hey everyone, i have a question, when i run the code, open the window of the game but then close… idk what is happening, can someone help me ?

  11. Tabnine is super cool . I am using it for last one month.

  12. Don't install it.. tab nine may even suggest your ideas too…

  13. Hey man tons of bots are commenting under your videos. Why is that happening?

  14. Thank you for your content, man. Really appreciate it!

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