Coding Challenge #115: Snake Game Redux -

Coding Challenge #115: Snake Game Redux

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Snake Game!?!? Again!? Now with the p5.js Web Editor!


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Video editing by Mathieu Blanchette.

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  1. Man, is a switch that terrible ?? C'on !
    That's the last time I show you, you brat !
    case LEFT_ARROW:
    case RIGHT_ARROW:
    case UP_ARROW:
    case DOWN_ARROW:

  2. Just started coding and found your vids! Can you tell me what the in the HTML are for? I tried it without them and it wouldn't work, so what vital function do they server how would I make this without sourcing Cloudflare?

  3. i live the channel but i really don like how this tutorial is basically useless outside of p5

  4. i dont know javascript language 🙁 but I know python language 🙂

  5. Is this javascript or another type of javascript cuz I don't feel like it's javascript.

  6. Him: *advanced coding
    Me: Print('hello world');

  7. If anyone's snake is dying when it eats food make sure the order you call them is "check for food eat", "update", "show" and then "check for d̶e̶a̶t̶h̶ sorry 𝒐𝒖𝒕
    Took me a while to figure that out.

  8. Can you do a video showing how to add a scoreboard? I cant find any tutorials on this…

  9. Uncaught ReferenceError: Snake is not defined (sketch: line 5)
    it is writen there

  10. I cannot control my snake and I followed your code carefully. I will get creative later, I'm just getting the basics first.

  11. its not letting me create a snake.js file it says it can not contain extension meaning i can't use .js

  12. Very interesting but so much complication

  13. You did the whole snake game again and still not fixed that going backwards problem. I don't know how I feel about that. XD

  14. "don't at me. somebody taught me that who's younger than me." lol this was by far the most entertaining js tutorial I've seen!! thank you!!

  15. i m new coder of 10 year old and sorry for watching this video very late .
    but i love your coding technique.

  16. Hey Daniel, when I write a while loop in the p5.js web editor, it crashes.

  17. 제껀 작동이 전혀 앙돼욥.
    Coding Challenge #115 :
    Snake Game Redux인데욥,
    코드를 제대로 썼는데도 작동이

  18. @shiffman you could define a getter for the head eg. like this:

    get head () [
    return this.body[this.body.length – 1];

    Then you could replace all your other this.body[this.body.length – 1] calls with just this.head 😉

  19. 4:09 bruh it's called method not function
    Method is function but in a class, BTW I am not a heater I love the way he teaches

  20. avengers: we need another name for our movie??
    Coding train: 28:00

    that's it !

  21. Hi is there a way to use p5.js in a react native app? If its possible, could you please show us an example?

  22. What are the odds of the intro 😅 I'm starting grade 9 on Tuesday 😅

  23. Still the best coding channel on youtube. So much positive energy and humor =)))

  24. Cypictronic Electrónica & Programación says:

    You are The Best!!

  25. When you code I feel that you are at mu home and teaching me for fun without taking any fees just like free coaching or free tuitions

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