Coding "Snake" in 4 min 30 sec (plain browser JavaScript) -

Coding “Snake” in 4 min 30 sec (plain browser JavaScript)

Chris DeLeon of HomeTeam GameDev
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  1. Took God 6 days to create the Universe.
    Chris DeLeon can do it in 4 min 30 sec

  2. I was thinking about why he did this specific line and when I finally understand he finish the code

  3. Wish I majored in computer science instead of finance and accounting. I'm actually interested in coding and the possibilities it provides you regarding apps especially gaming apps. I'm definitely gonna spend my extra time learning how to code to create games!

  4. My man is coding so hard you can actually hey the low and loud thomp thomps of his fingers on the keys lol

  5. This guy had a harder time playing the game than building it

  6. I just like that my time was not wasted, not even a second.

  7. do they really expect you to memorize all of that or do people just search up how to do certain stuff

  8. I have no idea what the hell he's doing but I'm gonna learn how to code I'll be back in a few years

  9. This was the most hectic 7 minute ramble I’ve ever heard

  10. everything about this dude from this video just radiates " SCHMOVIN' "

  11. 1:17 – I love this video but that one phrase has me laughing every time.

  12. I swear I had to check whether I had it 1.75 speed.

  13. الله اكبر
    الحمد لله
    لاحول و لا قوة الا بالله
    اللهم صل و سلم و بارك على سيدنا و نبينا محمد

  14. I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about coding but this was satisfying. And also amazing. Just think someone probably took hours if not days making the original, now look, there’s you doing it in less then 5 lol

  15. you can tell this guy has programmed games more than he has played them

  16. "Your brain is a terrible emulator" That's the nerdiest thing I've ever heard.

  17. damn this guy sure sucks at the actual gameplay part

  18. I thought I was somewhat decent at programming before I watched this guy. He's so fast, and he intimately knows his craft. Well done dude.

  19. this seems so impossible. i wonder if i can ever become able to do this

  20. Heh, this took me back to when I used to write games on my graphical calculator at school in the 90s. Wrote snake, space invaders, a horse racing game (basically you bet based on random odds that gave the horses advantages in how far they could move in one turn and then watch the race unfold and see if you won). Only problem was my mates kept nicking my calculator, so they could play games in class.

  21. Guy sounds like my teachers when I put the recording on 1.5 speed

  22. Its one of 2 either he got that code on second monitor or he practiced for 50h making this

  23. Nope
    It’s name was Snek, and it wasn’t an arcade remake

  24. This is an excellent video to watch to see if you are interested in code / game creation.

  25. I only know that there are freestyle rappers but today I've found a freestyle programmer.

  26. Man I was going to copy this because I don't know how to code then say I copied it but I can't because I don't what the f**k you're doing right now you're going to fast plus I don't want to copy all of that I would give up trying to copy that many lines of code

  27. just starting learning html and watching you make a whole game in under 5 minutes when its taken me a week to make a button animation is amazing

  28. his friends : hey let's play cod
    he : yeah wait for 4:30 mins
    builds cod
    his friends : 😳

  29. 5:30 you see that eye twitch at the mention of the task lol this man has seen some stuff.

  30. Mean while it take me 30 minutes to make a fxml program 😅

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