Creating Simple Snake Game in C++ (With Source Code)@ProgrammingKnowledge -

Creating Simple Snake Game in C++ (With Source Code)@ProgrammingKnowledge

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Welcome to this course on C++ Tutorial for Beginners. In this video we will see How to create C++ Snake Game. We will Practice programming in C++ by writing a simple game.
C++ is general purpose, compiled, object-oriented programming language and its concepts served as the basis for several other languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, Perl etc.

The goal of this course is to provide you with a working knowledge of C++. We’ll start with the basics, including syntax, operators, loops, and functions. This Course will explain you how to use data structures and create your own Functions. This Course will show you the details of the powerful object and template systems so you can create useful classes and objects.

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  1. need html file of this code bro please send me

  2. Cant see whats written in ehite color coz of the white background

  3. while converting vector into list I'm facing an error in this line – " if(pos.X == body[i].X && pos.Y == body[i].Y) return true;" ……….what should I do??

  4. sir i am using your code for my game but it is unable to generate food help me

  5. Oh my.. you literally saved myself from making 4 for loops to make a board/map. Thank you so much. Subbed!

  6. to set cursor in linux use below function:void SetCursorPos(int XPos, int YPos)
    printf("33[%d;%dH", YPos+1, XPos+1);

  7. Thanks a lot!I will download this video and I will watch it many times!Khamosh from AFG!

  8. I have a problem where the fruit doesnt generate if eaten.(i think it has to something with how the board is generated everytime)can u help me please?

  9. Thank u so much sir… Ur videos had been helped me a lot

  10. Otherwise great video but the audio quality is actual garbage. Is very jarring to listen to. Also the comments were practically invisible.

  11. Really u r smart sir
    hope u may bring good graphics in it soon..

  12. Sir how can we make hand written note taking app?or is this possible that a when on a device it will open a particular one app no desktop?

  13. Hello sir ,My snake speed too much can I slower down?

  14. can't see the comments written, it looks like the color is too light with the white background.

  15. error: could not convert '((void)0, 0)' from 'int' to 'COORD' {aka '_COORD'}|

  16. i am not that good at programming and I am not even from a computer science background and it takes me a lot of time to understand some stuff here and there but I have had no such hiccups while watching your video so far which is very surprising and impressive. You have a talent for teaching. Thanks for taking the time and making these videos.

  17. Ye code jis k pass hai written me…
    Copy kr k send kr den plzzz

  18. Try to use triple slash for commenting, so that it is clearly visible to us!

  19. my snake moves so fast. Can u tell me how to slow it down pls? tks!

  20. The tutorial is awesome but my God, your voice in the second half is making my head explode.

  21. at 28:54 getting error ||=== Build file: "no target" in "no project" (compiler: unknown) ===|

    F:kuchbhi.cpp|3|fatal error: C:/Program Files (x86)/CodeBlocks/MinGW/lib/gcc/mingw32/4.9.2/include/c++/"snake.h": Invalid argument|

    ||=== Build failed: 1 error(s), 0 warning(s) (0 minute(s), 0 second(s)) ===|

  22. Please change the color of your comment, its not visible at all

  23. soudn quality is poor :((( otherwise awesome tutorial thank you

  24. bro fix mic pls it was so frustrating to understand but i made it out. Thank u so much.

  25. Hoping you can get a better mic! Thanks for the tutorial!

  26. Thanks buddy!! I really learned a lot from this video. I had experience with various game engines like unity and unreal but i wanted to start from scratch to be efficient and just include what I need. In game engines it would have been super easy to create but I love c++ and it also efficient.

  27. I have a question regarding the code for gen_food, I understand that it randomly generates a random coordinate, but wouldn't it be possible for the food to be spawned inside the snakes tail or body?

  28. Guglielmo Marconi's radio transmission sounded better than this video. C'mon…, if you upload something you have to check the final result.

  29. thank you my friend this video helped me! keep up the good work!

  30. Your video helped me a lot man
    But I have few problems here
    I did everything you did, but sometimes my snake passes through the food without it getting eaten, like it just passes without eating. Another problem is, successfully when my snake enters the wall in the right it comes from the left, but when I go to the left wall, it just stops like it’s stuck. And when I hit the upper and lower wall, I lose. Please help me and thank you.

  31. Except the sound quality everything about this video is great….thank you for this tutorial, it helped me a lot….

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