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Evolution of Snake Games 1976-2020

Andrew Louis
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Evolution of Snake Games 1976-2020 / Snake Evolution 1976-2020
Barricade 1976
Bigfoot Bonkers 1976
Blockade 1976
Dominos 1977
Surround 1977
Snafu 1981
Nibbler 1982
Snake Byte 1982
Tron 1982
Knot in 3D 1983
Serpent 1990
Nibbles 1991
Rattler Race 1991
BeamWars 1992
Achtung, die Kurve! 1995
Snake 1997
GLtron 1998
Snake 2000
Warring Worms 2002
Snake EX2 2003
Snakes 2005
Snakes 3D 2005
Snake III 2005
Snake Xenzia 2006
Snakeball 2007
Nokia Subsonic 2008
Pix the Cat 2014
Snake Rewind 2015
Agar.io 2016
Slither.io 2016
Snake 2017
Snake Pass 2017
Snake 2018
3D Snake.io 2019
Battlesnake 2019
Achtung, die Kurve! 2 2020

by Andrew Louis
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Evolution of Snake Games 1976-2020 / Snake Evolution 1976-2020


  1. nsnake for linux terminal is pretty good too!

  2. If you remember Snake 3 and Snake Xenia, you are the OG!

  3. Does someone lnow a old game i think its name was vivi u was a green snake and trying to eat hamburgers

  4. I wish I could find the game I remember playing as a kid, it was a 3D game but not pixelated it has like a night time where monsters come out and kills you and if you go to a place (which i remember was dark) you get killed by the monsters, can someone please remind of that snake game's name please?

  5. Thares a snake game for a very old phone that I can't find anywhere 🙁 I still remember loving it… A lot…It was a white snake which had pretty smooth slither animations and it was 2D and pixelated

  6. I wish I could find the game I remember playing as a kid. It had to have been late 80s, early 90s (pre-93). It was a snake-like game, only one color (sometimes my brain remembers green, sometimes orange). It was a train that laid down tracks as you moved around the screen, trying to avoid running into crates of TNT and trying not to run into your own track. That's all I can remember of it, and so far I've never been able to figure out what OS it was. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Apple; I don't recall us ever owning an Apple computer. My dad worked for Sun Microsystems, and often worked at home, so it would've been an early PC. His memory has never been all that great, so he doesn't remember what models of PCs we owned before we got our Gateway one in the mid-90s.

  7. For Tron, 2:41, pretty sure you meant to include the Light Cycles lol

  8. Those snake games have definitely improved over the years.

  9. I had played: Snake Xenzia, Snake 3D and Snake III! GG!

  10. Andrew Louis vc pode fazer a evolução do the loud house games por favor

  11. Chris the luke and friends fan #nukewliya #savealb says:

    Nokia this game

  12. 2005,2006,2018 is best snakes version ( I am from Pakistan)

  13. Damn this game is my childhood i used to play it on my mom's blackberry phone

  14. No regret. The Snakes 2005 is the finest on the art level, and styles

  15. That's my childhood over there 2005 and 2006

  16. How comes that there's no version I've ever played here 🤣

  17. Who wants to play the first ones with sound lol

  18. 1997-Snake Used On Early Nokia Phones
    2000-Snake Used On Monochrome Nokia Phones
    2003-Snake EX2 Used On Nokia S40 Phones
    2005-Snakes 3D Used On N Gage Series & Some Nokia N Series Eg.N70,N73,N80
    2005-Snake 3 Used On Nokia S40 & Other S60 Phones
    2006-Snake Xenzia Used On Monochrome & Later Colorized Nokia S30 & Later S30+ Phones
    2008-Snake Subsonic Used On Updated N Gage Series
    2018-Snake Xenzia Used On Nokia 3310 3G/4G Version

  19. Thank you so much, this video is very useful for me, because I'm making a remaster of Snake game, which will include many versions if this wonderful game))

  20. =================================================================================💳

  21. There's also a one-button version of snake called Impossible Snake , it's on CoolMathGames

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