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Flutter Snake Game📱HIGHSCORES + HOSTING using Firebase ♡

Mitch Koko
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1. How to code a snake game
2. How to store highscores in the backend
3. How to host the game as a web app

00:00 intro
01:03 gridview for the snake game
08:20 coding the actual snake
13:38 start game
17:37 swiping gesture detector for the snake direction
32:41 eat the food
36:19 game over
40:41 current score
49:00 connect to FIREBASE
55:26 adjusting screen size for web
58:17 submit score to FIREBASE
1:13:33 hosting the game with FIREBASE
1:15:52 physical keyboard input
1:20:14 outro

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  1. now m watching your tutorial and my onVerticalDragUpdate is not working and i cannot find how to resolve it .can u help?

  2. Hey! I love this tutorial. Could I perhaps ask a little request? Can you continue with the login UI, but this time register with roles such as admin and member? Afterwards when they log out and log back in, check if their role it's an admin or a member trough real time database. Send each role to a different Homepage depending on their roles. Register Using text.trim() in a textfield as the role instead of two options. Thank you so much!! I love your vids continue the good work! <3

  3. if there is something you are best in it's your explanations man🙌keep up the good work,we appreciate…👊🏽

  4. Re: Firebase.initializeApp needing FirebaseOptions. You can use the Flutterfire configure command to generate a dart file with the correct options (i.e. lib/firebase_options.dart). Once generated add the import statement for this file and finally use options: DefaultFirebaseOptions.currentPlatform in the Firebase.initializeApp call. The options config will then be read in to your app, works across each of the supported platforms.

  5. Can u please do a video dedicated on how to solve inApp errors.

    And can you please do tutorials on the backend development of the apps that you’ve taught us. For example that Instagram UI tutorial.

    You videos are very useful and rare in a case because most Flutter tutorials focus on the basic UI design while you are focusing on trying to make the complex UI designs simpler.

    I appreciate that. I’ve learnt more in 5 days from you videos than I would ever had if I was attending useless boot camps

    Big ups 🙏🔥🔥 my favorite channel at the moment

  6. Please make Color Switch game. It will show the way to play around the moving objects.

  7. المبرمج حسين العطار || Hussein Al-Attar says:

    Nice job 👍 I will waiting new tutorial

  8. Awesome vid! Tutorial was easily understood and well explained. Keep up the great work bro!

  9. Great job bro💯🤞highly inspired.. thankyou

  10. At 34:40 , how did the snake grow without coding anywhere about letting it grow? I dont understand, can anyone explain?

  11. when playing again we are asked to enter a name, how to make it only update the score. maybe by detecting the device?

  12. Mitch you forgot to add the pause button, and wen i knock the last body part of the snake, it isnt counted as gameover, the it stays there just, till you choose another direction to move or knock another body part in the middle… and can we atleast define the head of the snake kinda make it unique with its own color… thanks alot..

  13. Looks simple but very high order and very difficult to learn

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