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God of War 4 – ALL World Serpent GIANT SNAKE Cutscenes (God of War 2018) PS4 Pro

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GoW4 2018 All World Serpent cutscenes / scenes in Full Hd ps4 pro, with subtitles, no commentary

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  1. 1.5 hıza alın i “know your ghost of sparta”

  2. listen 1.39 at 1.5x jormungandr says "I know you ghost of sparta "

  3. 5:56
    I had YouTube on auto play last night while sleeping and then apparently this video started playing.
    Scared the ever living crap outta me! Woke up thought I was dreaming or being possessed! Lol

  4. Fun fact that snake is actually the son of loki


  6. If you put the video in 1.5 speed you can hear Jörmungandr say “I know you ghost of Sparta” when the first encounter occurred

  7. I still can't understand how baldur a minigod who can just break some stones with his hands, could KO this giant monster

  8. The serpents voice is so chilling and uncomfortable to hear yet so good at the same time

  9. When Atreus is explaining that the World Serpent is so big that it's body is circling the world and he bites his tail, Kratos said it's an exageration.

    Yeah, because he knows because he didn't see a big snake from Greece lol

  10. It says “I know it’s you ghost of sparta now leave me alone” when he first shows up you can just kinda hear it

  11. last scene is satisfying 🤔

    first time in the history of GOW that big monster saved Kratos and is friendly to him
    it defeated that cronus like titan in seconds, so strong world serpent, very dangerous monster

  12. First Jorgmugand say, "I know you, Ghost of sparta"

  13. The serpent did take the belly of the beast to next level.

  14. Thank u for this clip, there were some scenes that I just didn't see myself!👌🏻✌🏻

  15. Isn't the midgard serpant lokis son? What the FU**

  16. Isn't the midgard serpant lokis son? What the FU**

  17. I really got the sense that the serpent is Kratos from the future, might be how it looks, being pale white and all. I could also say that the transformation could have something to do with his heritage with Zeus who we saw transform from an eagle and back (I forgor).

    I know it's weird because Norse mythos said Loki was the serpent's father and that Atreus is Loki according to the ending. Knowing how hard the team at santa monica are trying to be as accurate to the myths as possible, yeah.

    But there is a chance to see Kratos just turning into a giant serpent to fight off Thor in ragnarok and I'd love to see that.

  18. I dont know that game yet but this makes me really wanns Play it! The Serpent is amazing!

  19. The size comparison with Kratos and the serpents eye, being as how Kratos is 6’4 in the game and not even the size of the serpents pupil, shows how big that beast is

  20. I know you
    Ghost of Sparta
    Now find mimir
    They will help

  21. At 3:46 you can kinda hear the serpent name itself Jormungandr in it’s guttural tones after Mimir introduces himself

  22. I like how he’s been in the sea so long that kelp and seaweed grow off his jaw like a beard

  23. For the Serpent and Thor to despise each other so much and for the Serpent to understand the loss of a parent, it might mean that Atreus' death is influenced by Asgard. It also means that when the Serpent is born, this one that got thrown in the past must die at some point in Ragnarok.

  24. I remember the first god of war game I had played on PS1. I am still a huge fan! I am thankful for how far along this game has come. Love you kratos!! 😭🥰

  25. Put speed on 2 when he speek and thank me later

  26. Ha when I was wearing my headphones and this big serpent spoke my ears got numb 🥲

  27. الــغـامـدي الأزدي🇸🇦 says:

    4:09 So scary look at the serpent face😨

  28. I would gladly listen to an entire audiobook narrated by the World Serpant


  29. I’m not gonna lie I think the World serpent is an ancestor of Titanoboa


  31. Why does the head guy have a Scottish accent?

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