How Corlys Velaryon Became the Sea Snake (Game of Thrones) -

How Corlys Velaryon Became the Sea Snake (Game of Thrones)

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House Velaryon will play a major part in the House of the Dragon prequel of
Game of Thrones. Corlys Velaryon aka the Sea Snake should be a character
that’ll leave a big impression.

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  1. Wow they really nailed the screen character adaptation!! I love being reminded that Whites aren’t allowed to have their own culture with any sort of exclusivity

  2. I wonder how he become black?.
    We wuz Kangz!.

  3. He's going to outlive his oldest children ,his wife and his future Queen and King.

  4. I don’t think it’s logical for the show to make him black. The explanation of “the Velaryons interbred with the summer islanders” makes zero sense because if Duncan Targaryen has black hair because of his mother and Jon Snow has black hair because of his mother being a Stark, the genetics aren’t dominant so how do you have a black man with white hair lol wtf it would be cool to see more black people in the show but Gorge already created the summer isles where Missande was from, why don’t show that land and use those characters?

  5. Hopefully he becomes a fan favorite, because the sea snake prequel prequel would be extremely interesting and open up alot more of the fantastical parts of the world to the mainstream audience

  6. I'm sorry but when you are making a show based on written material that has very specific descriptions of characters, diversity for the sake of diversity is just BS.

  7. There’s no “need for diversity” people aren’t owed representation. George Martin wrote a European myth just as JRR Tolkien did. Both put “brown” people in the myth. If they honestly wanted them in the show they could tell those stories but they don’t they erase white characters instead.

  8. For some reason i dig the casting of the velaryons, for some reasonthey look more magical thanthe targaryens

  9. my god it would be like one piece🤣❤️

  10. Well they aren’t going to be blood related in the show. This is the issue with distinct characteristics, particularly skin color. You can’t easily explain lineages crossing, when there is evidence that they could not have done so, just logically. Historical aspects of story telling recoil at the concept. The Targaryens need magic and incest to keep just their white hair. There isn’t a good way to address the issue of maintaining skin color over generations, while maintaining the importance of blood ties between houses. Which naturally do not simply go away, and determine the genetics of all that come after.

  11. Bruh who df cares about the casting? 😂

  12. The original character would have looked a lot cooler in so many ways why this diversity bs gotta ruin everything can we get a single show just 1 without it

  13. So house valyrion has nothing to do with valyrion steel

  14. Can't understand why anyone would have an issue with a Black man playing the part of Corlys Veloryon… Whites have been casted as Jesus Christ since as far back as I can remember!!!

  15. the amount of racists is gross you gotta ask yourself why seeing a black person on tv makes you so angry

  16. assortment of pills, but never blue pill says:

    Not gunna lie GoT cracks me up, they have so much dope sailor and pirate lore but they hardly explore it in the shows

  17. It’s not happening. What’s on the screen is something else.

  18. i hope you felt this way when you read the bible….. how they describe jesus but the world image is a white man lol

  19. “In made up fantasy world with magic and dragons and undead zombies it’s just not realistic for black people to have a different hair or eye color”

    Jesus Christ little boy you need to get out and touch grass

  20. Fuck the left black washing everything.
    I'll stop being angry about that when HBO will make a live adaptation of Shaka Zoulou, interpreted by Ryan Gosling

  21. I honestly don't mind the casting, especially since there was a little bit of an explanation. i.e. The velaryons working under the sun, sailing and such, would give them darker skin over time. If their ancestors all sailed on the sea, or otherwise toiled under the sun, while other Valyrians (such as the Targaryens) were already living a pampered high life due to their magic and dragons, then it fits pretty well. It also give them a bit more grit and determination, having worked their way to being such a powerful house, while the Targs sorta got lucky in comparison. Aegon just happened to have modern day weapons when he went and conquered a 3rd world country fighting with sticks and stones, lol.

  22. I found myself not liking Corleys in the show. He seems like a different person than described in the books. Especially when he attempted to marry off his 12 year old daughter to the 60 year old king and eventually to the ugly uncle Daemon. Dang that scene was so bad…

  23. My only "issue" with the casting is that they did it for representation, but then made the "lesser" non-dragon riding family that came from the blue-collar docks the people of color, which essentially just perpetuates stereotypes that people want broken.

  24. Going away from source material is always smart. Works everytime

  25. Haven't read the books, I knew nothing about this character and I HATE pc and woke culture with a passion, but in this case not only the race change didn't bother me, but I actually like it better. I don't know, I felt that the character design for Corlys and the Velaryons was super badass with the silver dreadlocks. In fact it's my favorite house so far. Not only that but we know Martin is involved in the series and if he's okay with it and the delivery and design is well made as it is I don't think it should be anyone's problem really.

  26. There is zero need for diversity in writings. It adds nothing.

  27. So Arya wondering what’s west of Westeros… ALREADY got discovered. Good job Dan and Dave. Good job

  28. We should have Tom Hanks play Malcolm X next

  29. You know what sucks? This makes GoT ending even worse. If D&D passed over the reigns after S6 we would've gotten at least 4 more full seasons and very likely House Velaryon.

  30. I like his dark skin, it gives him a badass pirate look. It’s also works in a contexts of the show as his family members are easy to identify and even translates the whole bastard art really well. This cast also allows new opportunities to several new black actors which Hollywood lacks.

  31. This dickhead really mad that black people are playing "white" characters from a fake make believe word 🤦🏾‍♂️

  32. I was against the casting at first too, but then I realized why they did this.
    They strategically made the Velaryons black so that when Rhaenyra Targaryen has her three children we as the audience have a visual guideline of knowing who's kids they really are. Because if they were Laenor's, they'd be mixed race. But they are Harwin Strong's children, so they look nothing like the black Velaryons.

  33. As a black person disappointed with how media is trying to force us into undeserved roles for tge sake of diversity, I honestly am not mad that the Valayons are black because being black isn't their whole identity, being Valaryons is. So much media today tries to shoehorn in black actors making their blackness tge center of their whole identity, but house of the dragon did it tastefully. They're not now powerful because they are black, they've always been powerful and now happen to be black.

    Well done 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  34. It's rather annoying that we never saw any real naval prowess in the first season of HotD. I know it took us awhile to see the Greyjoys in GoT, but I did expect some of Corlys's ability in the battles with the Triarchy.

  35. Yea…we really dont care about seeing him on the screem anymore. They ruined the show by having blacks in it.

  36. Black or white; the actor they chose was awesome

  37. I think they made the velaryons black just to be woke & virtue signal. It's like how netflix casts a black actor to play king Arthur. I have no problem with black people. I just don't like all this woke virtue signaling in the world. How weird and frustrating would it be to make a movie about Martin Luther King or malcolm x but to cast a white actor? It wouldn't make any sense. The velaryons are supposed to be white. It isnt racist to keep it that way

  38. Maybe Salvador Saan was a distant relative of the velayrions

  39. It still doesn't make sense for a valyrian family to be black but my god the actor did such a great job portraying corlys. He dominated every scene he was in.
    Never doubt HBO on their choice of the cast

  40. Jesus Christ!! Get over the skin color dude. If Corlys was blue or purple he’d still be a badass character

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