How to make a complete Snake Game in Android Studio | Step by Step Guidance | Source Code Available -

How to make a complete Snake Game in Android Studio | Step by Step Guidance | Source Code Available

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Hello Everyone,

In this video, We are going to learn how to make a complete snake game in Android Studio | Step by step guidance | Source Code Available

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  1. Hello, can you help me with an issue I really need?

  2. Canvas = surfaceHolder.lockcanvas( ) showing error nullpointerexception help please

  3. hi is this compatible with Android 24 instead of 19

  4. Please make more projects like this ❤️

  5. Please make image to text ocr application

  6. Brother I have to make some UI changes in my android app. Tournament app.

  7. I tried it but where the game is suppose to be seen it’s just a blank screen. Why would this happen?

  8. Hello, I tried to make this game using your tutorial. but my same is stuck at a place. it not moving. it can turn on its place if i press the buttons but its not moving. kindly help

  9. Hi sir, how can I find a snake game code in your application? please help me! I would be very grateful!!!

  10. Why does the food of the snake always goes missing? Is there any solution to this?

  11. Thank you so much for this tutorial!! I enjoyed making it

  12. Super! Thank you for free snake tutorial. Please add more simple games.

  13. After running it, my emulator crush fell apart. Why? it says keep stopping

  14. does anyone find the source code???? i reeeeealy need

  15. java.lang.nullpointerexception: attempt to invoke interface method ' android.view.surfaceholder.lockcanvas()' on a null object reference

  16. bro when snake is down in the surface it told game over and sometimes it doesn't show yellow point sign
    please help me brother

  17. No me deja acceder al link 🙁

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