How To Make A Snake Game In Scratch 3.0! -

How To Make A Snake Game In Scratch 3.0!

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What’s up guys, it’s SammyCheez here, back with another video. In today’s video, I will show you how to make a snake game in 2020! If you want me to release more Scratch 3.0 tutorials, let me know! This tutorial is simple and easy. Make sure to watch the full video to learn how to make the Snake Game! Music provided by

Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. See

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  1. How would I move the snake on an iPad? I’m pretty sure that isn’t possible

  2. Bro you are the best man I hope you become successful in you life good job 👍💯👏

  3. do you have the file, i want to download it so bad

  4. Hi can you help me?
    The body of the snake is not connected so can you please help how to connect it

    Thanks 🙏

  5. Thank's for making this video SammyCheez, this video helped me a lot. It was very easy!

  6. is there a way to make the game end with a snake hits itself?

  7. I am giving credit to you for this project! Helped alot!

  8. I Followed All Steps And Instead Of Making The Golden Apple Spawn After 10 Seconds I Made It When You Eat The Apple There Is A Chance That The Golden Apple Spawn

  9. Hey i have followed the coding for changing the snakes directions, it changes directions but also teleports randomly around the screen when the arrows are pressed. any idea how to fix it?

  10. Sammycheez what happened when we did the clone part was that the body would still be showing and then the head would disappear:/

  11. One thing you forgot to add is if the snake touches its tail it dies

  12. Tysmmmm my sir said to do this exam and i was able to do it bcz of u tysmm for this now i can pass my examssss

  13. Does anyone know how to make the game end when the snake touches its self thank you

  14. I did the same and my snake is totally broken, it is making a trail instead of just creating a clone and it is not getting bigger when it eats the apple


  16. Great video! used it to help me make my own, Thanks!

  17. for some reason my game over screen is the only thing showing when i press the green flag and it hides everything and the game wont work now i dont get what i did wrong

  18. Lmao thanks free pass for my test 🤣🤣

  19. the tutorial is good but if you see the clones it kinda just messes up and changes A LOT and is very glitchy, it doesnt effect the game play but since the clones go up so fast and if a play could get a lot of apples fast than there would be a lot of clones and theres a maximum of 300 clones and it makes like 3-4 every apples :/ idk my question is if there is a way to lower the clones without effecting the actual game play

  20. My "game over" is not broadcasting can someone help me please? Does someone is also facing this problem? Please someone help me…..

  21. when u were making the golden apple, you could have just used the fill tool to fill the apple black at: 8:59

  22. What's the last block you added in the GAME OVER sprite code?

  23. What is the background music? Send link. BTW nice tutorial I liked it.

  24. Tip:
    Code for head – When green flag clicked forever if touching body broadcoast game over hide stop all
    This will make the game harder. If you touch your body, you will loose.

  25. thabk you so much great vid keep up the good work

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