How to make a Snake Game | Scratch Tutorial | in hindi | 2020 -

How to make a Snake Game | Scratch Tutorial | in hindi | 2020

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Hello guys ☺️

Welcome back to Eduplan.

Today, we are going to learn how to make a Snake Game in Scratch.

Scratch is a programming language.

Through Scratch, we can make games, short stories, apps etc.

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  1. Mam i am also student of scratch compidition in SUNDAR STEM SCHOOL and iread in HADI Memorial High school
    Mujhay bohut shok ha computer science ki field k

  2. First 🥇 like and second view 2⃣

  3. But we are on phyton and you just forget scratch so why are you making this game pls make a game on Java , C++ and phyton. Scratch is boring

  4. Thanks mam ye game mera beta bana raha tha thoda problem aa raha tha àb problem dur ho jayegi

  5. Wow mam thanks for this video .amzing videos👍👍

  6. How you display all these games i was unable to open after saving my project

  7. Thanks mam ….. You are amazing teacher..😊😊

  8. thank you ma'am for this video i have make the snake game like you

  9. Muskan mam i am trying to duplicate the loop but it is not happening plz tell me how to do it plz

  10. Muskan Arora how to duplicate the sprite and that the blocks or just show the and trying to I am trying right click I am trying to do right click doing also but it's not happening duplicate know you have keys you have any keys to duplicate you have any idea please tell me no

  11. But how to end the game, you did not show that

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