How to make Snake Game using Arduino Uno and 8x8 LED Matrix. (Controlled by joystick) -

How to make Snake Game using Arduino Uno and 8×8 LED Matrix. (Controlled by joystick)

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In this project, i made the snake game using 8×8 Matrix led display and Joystick.
Required elements :
1 x LED Matrix and driver
1 x Joystick
1 x Potentiometer
1 x Breadboard
Some jumper cables

Arduino code is here:

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  1. Your code does not work ledcontrol.h no such file or directory error please reply end fix it 😣

  2. sir if you would give circuit diagram it would be easy

  3. I have matrix but not driver? what to do

  4. cuando pongo verificar, dice q hay un error

  5. What is the name of this Led Matrix add-on, please give me a full name.

  6. amazing !! I will try it , but which driver did you use ?

  7. I have 8×32 LED Matrix, how about the code?

  8. The pins on my 8×8 led screen are not soldered, but they came loose with the screen and I had to press them into the board on 'IN'. I gave followed the instructions and the code seem to work fine, but the screen keeps flikkering and the game doesn't seem to work. Any help please?

  9. Does not work…same problem experienced. Redefinition void setup on sketch.

  10. i am a noob at ardiuno i started a month ago i wanted to try this but i do not have the thing to place the led on any idea to solve it

  11. I tried it and it worked
    well kinda cause the screen keeps flickering
    What do I do?

  12. when i try to upload the code it give a error for the first line in the code

  13. finnaly found a working arduino snake game thanks a lot sir!

  14. Potentiometer doesn't work properly and when holding right, it slows down the snake drastically

  15. have done all the steps but the game is not working instead the dot matrix display only shows most of the light constantly on. What to do?

  16. thanks so much for making this tutorial! Helped me ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Mine wont boot do i need the potentiometer and bread board

  18. and how to assemble exactly the same project only with a matrix in the bare form?

  19. where can be a problem when all the LED lights are on?

  20. when I try to verify the code it doesn't work

  21. Sir ye code ki file open nhi ho rhi

  22. pleeease help me I have this error(Error compiling for board Arduino Uno.

    ) I did everything and uploaded all the libraries and selected the Arduino uno and even restart my laptop but still is not working 🙁

  23. can you use a 10k Potentiometer or does it have to be a higher value?

  24. it error because of LedControl.h what mean

  25. i keep getting error LedControl matrix(Pin::DIN, Pin::CLK, Pin::CS, 1);

  26. You are a god, bro , thanks for this video

  27. Сука снимай схему, а не руки еблан

  28. I couldn't understand why there were no down and left directions.

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