How to mod the google snake game | 2021 -

How to mod the google snake game | 2021

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How to mod the google snake game | 2021

This video shows how to download and install the google snake game mod menu. It should work with most devices and web browsers.




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  1. when i open snake in the menu all the custom stuff pops up, but when I select it it just does the default setting instead of the custom one

  2. srry to say this but the extra isnt working for me

  3. I tried the mod menu and the options were there but they didnt work i triend re installing it and bookmarking it again but it still didnt work anyone know why?

  4. For me it doesnt work can i have help i downloaded it and imported it and it didnt work it came up as 3 apples on a medium map please help

  5. Did I see Tag Generator for Roblox?

  6. guys, stop panicking that this doesnt work, its working fine for me

  7. When I open the snake game on my computer the book marks disappear. Why is that? and how can i fix that? because in the video you open snake and u open the bookmark but for me the bookmarks don't show.

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  9. in the import bookmarks i dont have more menu

  10. the new things are there. its just that none of them work. they do nothing

  11. when i tried this it worked but the mods aint spawning

  12. it wont work on chrome it pops up but it just show 3 appels istead

  13. every time i go into a new tab and open something new all the bookmarks disappear

  14. i tried it and it went to favorites bar, it wont work any other way.

  15. Thank you so much. I have been looking for this.

  16. iwhen i go on google snake theres no options for the mod or without the mod

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