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I became a ROBLOX SNAKE..

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  1. I love watching gaming with kev

  2. Kev please change you character I want to see the new avatar!

  3. I've watched you since I was six years old and I'm 11 now … You have been my favorite Roblox YouTuber for sooo long and I'm blessed I found your channel… I love you man, Respect 👌🏼

  4. Kev flamingo called you out for copying thumbnails and videos

  5. some guy decided to lock all the doors and place keys in random places??

  6. Please say escape properly, it's not exscape…almost 8 millions kids are subbed to you.

  7. Kev I’m your BIGGEST fan! Please friend me on Roblox. Do you want to know my username? It’s AverySchoolGirlie.

  8. I am a big fan of you my favorite video is giant similarutor

  9. Anyone else came here to only watch the 2016 vids

  10. I returned from a year

  11. Me watching him for 5 years (I think) and not knowing his username

  12. Why are you like sad in your voice

  13. Sorry Kev. . . I smashed the like button before you asked. . . Hope you'll forgive me. . .

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