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I Built A Snake Game By Reversing A Linked List (JavaScript & React project tutorial)

Clément Mihailescu
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I combined algorithms and web development for the best software engineering project: a Snake game built in JavaScript and React that reverses a linked list. This video serves as a tutorial for the project, which happens to be a great beginner JavaScript project. The project’s source code can be found here:

Create React App Instructions:

0:00 | Preview
0:19 | Introduction
1:58 | Project Overview
3:08 | Project Setup
5:18 | Project TODOs
6:58 | Tutorial
39:53 | Reversing A Linked List!
46:33 | Final Product
47:53 | Conclusion

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  1. Impressive, but can you build a project that involves reversing a binary tree?

  2. love this format of building stuff every once and a while clem!

  3. move the end node to what the direction is relative to the start node

  4. Please take Google interview of @CodeWithHarry
    Great AlgoExpert from India

  5. Is that jiren on your desktop? Please tell me it's Jiren

  6. This is great ! Pls do more "tutorial" series

  7. They true nerd builds snake game by reversing a linked list. Bye, I need to deal with my terrible imposter syndrome now

  8. Why am I getting an algoexpert ad right before watching algoexpert 😂😂😂

  9. Java be like: Writing 1 millions lines and program still not working …
    Python better =))
    God bless you if ur reading this comment!

  10. Hi Clément,
    Please try to do a git commit on each baby steps. It will be really helpful.

  11. Really nice and refreshing video, awesome Clem !

  12. Wow! It's working, how did I do that. it's magical working.

  13. 24:20 "if you touch yourself you die !" where have i heard that before xD xD xD

  14. "I think that I should be able to get through this in like, a couple of hours at most"
    Some amount of time later
    "Ok so I have this weird bug in my code. I don't really understand why it's happening"


  15. Could you add this concept to AlgoExpert? Actual small projects based on the Algorithm problems in AlgoExpert?

  16. Videos like these make me go for algoexpert.
    Way to go man!

  17. Frustration with coding what makes a programmer good, How many hours you built it?

  18. Clement you are wow please can I get your twitter handle 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  19. Why my code works magically, but it's awesome. lol😀

  20. First time I've heard "leave it as an exercise to the v i e w e r", haha. And now I know the main motivation for 'leaving it as an exercise': textbook authors just get tired and have other shit to do.

  21. I like this type of video . Please keep it up

  22. Clement i have a question is it possible for you to work from home as a software engineer?

  23. Entertaining stuff! Now code an AI to play the game 🙂

  24. Wow!! I never knew someone had the same idea, I thought about it too when I started learning DSA but I couldn't implement it

  25. I looked at the thumbnail and nearly threw up. in a good way tho

  26. Thank you very very for showing that struggeling and getting annoying Bugs can even happen to such advanced people. Watching people get through their Code without any problems can give the feeling of being really far away from what a programmer should be able to handle

  27. This is the perfect example that job interview problems describe the most idiotic way to solve daily tasks.

  28. Pretty refreshing to see that an experienced programmer/entrepreneur like you can get stuck/frustrated on a "simple" bug… happens to me all the time at work!

    ~ "If you're really stuck on something, move onto something else and come back to it with a pair of fresh eyes"

  29. Really curious about how long it really took – (imposter syndrome)

  30. Game is still kinda broken. When you hit the wall, the snake stops alright, but when u press a direction key it starts moving again despite gameover. Please solve this. Thanks.

  31. ah I learn something new everyday. When I did a snakegame, I used an array for the snake, [{x:1,y:1},{x:1,y:2}] etc.. and then I just shifted the array 1 object, and inserted the new position for the head. and if the snake eat something, I did not shift the array, and made it one object longer.

  32. I had an idea of creating small projects as i go thru leetcode challenges, but that proved to be very challenging to me. would be nice if you could create a visualizer for leetcode challenegs – that would help me ( and probably other devs) tremendously

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