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I Made Snake Game But RTX On

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I Made Snake Game But RTX On
In this video i made a realistic version of a game that we all played. It is snake game. It looks so realistic…. COOL! Join the fight for humanity in contra game play online – face off against hordes of enemies and emerge victorious.If you like the video do not forget like and subscribe.

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  1. bro where are you from your talking is sounds like turkish

  2. People are sleeping on these edits! Love your videos always!

  3. This is very underated video. Good job man

  4. This channel is incredible, so underrated yet so good

  5. The top down view looks like a tadpole eating apples instead of a snake eating apples.

  6. underrated… it shouldn't be underrated!!!!!

  7. Türk olduğuna yemin edebilirim ama kanitlayamam ( Eline sağlık aga bol şanslar)

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