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I Made Snake Game with just redstone!

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Hi guys! Today I recreated the classic snake game with vanilla redstone. It definitely got more complicated than I expected it to. I hope you enjoy!

0:00 Intro
0:32 The Big Question
1:34 Formal Algorithm
2:27 Implementations
4:05 Tail Removal
5:47 Input Handling
6:50 Head Spawning
8:31 Apple System
11:46 Better Display
13:19 Showcase
14:14 Thanks for watching!

Check out @TheGunMasterDigital ‘s video here!


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World Download: (JAVA 1.18.2) SPEEDUP RECOMMENDED

Texture pack:


  1. You have made many games with redstone, but what about your own game designed entirely in Minecraft?


  3. The video format is just perfect.
    Insane work!!!!!

    Can't wait the next one.

  4. i know this might not work but could you make a camera

  5. ONLY 100K!? LETS GET THIS MAN TO 500K!!!

  6. congrats on 100k. Also I can't stop watching craftymasterman's bigg vault video. you were just so hilarious lol

  7. bro went the Redstone big brain version of super saiyan

  8. I’m so glad that you always keep the computer science stuff in. I know some people just like to look at the build and don’t really care about how it works in-depth but as a fellow comp science student I really appreciate it

  9. This video makes me want to get back to coding 🙂 thx 4 uploading dis

  10. All that and he forgot the score system. I'd think it would be rather easy by using the detection of the apple eaten, but I don't know if that has some reason it cant be easily implemented. I dabble in redstone computation (i am currently trying to construct a turing complete instruction set) but i'm still a noob. I think it is amazing just how you know just the right circuitry to implement, and how to do it, and all that circuitry that you implement you thoroughly understand, and i just think that is uttery amazing.
    Edit: Pressed post too quick

  11. this account is being operated by a toaster says:

    OMG you are the only person i have seen who is smarter than MumboJumbo 🤣🤣

  12. I am watching this while playing Snake on my Nokia 5310 (no one cares I know…)

  13. You play on an older version? I have been trying to make the same CCA as i normally always do but it seems an update to the game makes the XOR gates non-functional 🙁

  14. me who doesnt understand complex redstone only simple ones 💀💀

  15. I really love the approach you take with these projects. How you encourage people to look up others who've done similar, to ask for help, in an environment where that sort of thing is often ridiculed for being "unoriginal" or "copying others". Thank you

  16. I love the new style of showing the build process before the showcase, keep it up, also great video and idea in general!

  17. Hey could you watch the language in future episodes? Minecraft is supposed to be family friendly…

  18. Instead of checking if both the head and the apple are in the same spot by using lots of and-gates, you could subtract the x and y coordinates of the snake from those of the apple and if the result is equal to 0, they are in the same spot.

  19. About avoiding the snake: What if you just check the apple's spawn position for the presence of a snake pixel and if so generate a new position until you hit an empty spot?

  20. I'm not even able to create snake in scratch or python or something like that

  21. I tried making this(simple)game in godot(a game engine)and wasn't able to do it(cuz i suck at writing code) and my man just makes it in redstone!

  22. You honestly make such great videos, taking us through the whole process and all, abolutely love em!

  23. Can you make a surveillance system with sculkers

  24. you should be who poeple say when like someone builds something cool in redstone and they say thats like some mattbatwings level of skill not mombojo i think i said that right

  25. could you try making sorting algorithms in redstone?

  26. Haven't seen one of your videos in away and good God your video quality is great

  27. I'm just curious, what happens if you're going right and push the left key? Does the snake overlap itself?

  28. It brings me joy that Minecraft has put technology back 43 years for the next generation to relearn how to build computers. Thank you for leading the charge!

  29. Why is this such an old version of Minecraft?

  30. This man boutta become the new mumbo-jumbo lol

  31. Stupid idea here but could you mine bitcoin using redstone?

  32. The slight issue with your gunmaster bug fix:
    If the head is by the tail as it eats an apple then the head will not be next to the tail in the next frame and you get into the infinite growth bug.
    This is only possible if the apple was inside the snake though..

  33. this man can create the snake game in minecraft while I struggle to make an automatic door 😂

  34. 𝐑𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐃𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐨𝐧 says:

    Congratulations with new aMAZEing project and 100k subs!

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