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I Reached MAX SCORE SNAKE in Slither.io

Kindly Keyin
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I Reached MAX SCORE SNAKE in Slither.io
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  1. i want keyin to make a video of him reading the comments

  2. Your content is amazing and I loved this game as a child! If you ever play again try circling the snake so it's got no where to run!

  3. There is a mode for AI because slither IO is a is an online game

  4. I don't like it when the other snakes eat my snake dots

  5. Just a tip when you reach a certain size you can circle around a smaller snake and trap them.

  6. "Software update ready to install" 😮

  7. Ai gets better overtime as you play so you will do a meathod and it will learn from that so if you are insane and play ai mode all the time it will be better than a noob. Love the vid good job❤❤❤

  8. It was so funny when you lost 5 the end😂

  9. My most log snake is 63815 you should try and get higher then that

  10. Luckily, you can’t die from running in your own body😂

  11. One time I got in 1st place man tip to use in a.i mode is dont get any lengths and then the ai will crash into you

  12. You know if you you try to kill someone, they will kill you back😂

  13. If u just spin in circles it s impossible to die almost

  14. The thing is the A.I and the real players target you because you to scared and you don’t sprint enough and if you don’t stop it you’ll keep getting killed

  15. Do you not know how to play the game mini just got to go and I like your videos

  16. It was the AI game 😂 where scoring is super ez
    I prefer to play online mode on PC and edit videos of that

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