IMPOSSIBLE to create Snake Game with 40 Lines? -

IMPOSSIBLE to create Snake Game with 40 Lines?

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Simple snake game made in python ursina engine.
This is part of the Ursina Engine Games Series.

Ursina Engine is a python game module to create games.
Similiar to Pygame, ursina engine makes it really easy to make games using python.

This video is a short python tutorial, and it is part of the python shorts programming series.

l also want to make a pygame tutorial series for beginners.
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Snake Assets (snake, body, apple):

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Python For Beginners:

Games made with Ursina Engine:

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  1. Having import problems.Could you please 🙏 make video on all necessary packages that a beginner should installThat would be really helpful.

  2. the answer: no its not hard to make snake under 40 lines

  3. thanks for the coding tutorial series man but could you make these tutorials smaller and explain what your doing in the code that way viewers get the experience

  4. Hey, Why does it say "Cannot find refrence 'dt' in 'time.pyi'"

  5. Please what is name the program are you used??
    Iam useing visual studio and pycharm but his not work

  6. Абдурахмон Нугманов says:

    Hello, I have a question for you! Did you shoot a video in which you show the code to speed up python?if not, I can show this code right here and you can film it on your channel, I can do it if you want

  7. My goodness! The first 10 second programming is like crazy fast! 😆

  8. how to flip player texture? im making a rpg game and need this to left/right flip

  9. Dude just do it in rust you can make it 1 line.

  10. You can with multiline statements (with a semicolon). The only cost is your sanity trying to debug that mess.

  11. Where to extract the zip file you provided?

  12. Just use eval() with "n" for new line and "t" for tab.

  13. well U could just put the code in another script and iniate that script with like 2 lines of code

  14. Gaming 𝑪𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏 𝑭.𝑻 says:

    Cool bro 😘😎🆒😃☺️🙂

  15. true pythoneers use ctypes, but thank you!

  16. I can do start coding but i dont know where can be start coding

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