Killer Snake - Universal - HD Gameplay Trailer -

Killer Snake – Universal – HD Gameplay Trailer

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Killer Snake by Copenhagen Creators

Every year more than 100.000 people are killed by snake bites. To save such victims, venom must be obtained in order to produce serum. You must travel the world catching the world’s most venomous snakes in order to obtain this venom and save their lives!

To do so, you must:
1) Provoke snakes to increase venom.
2) React fast to avoid their deadly bites.
3) Stay cool to gain Fear Factor bonus.

– Experience astonishing 3D graphics.
– Catch the 10 types of snakes.
– Unlock the 5 levels of the game.
– Visit the 5 beautiful locations.
– Survive the World Tour Game.
– Obtain the 31 Achievements.
– Compete using 6 Leaderboards.

Copenhagen Creators donate 10% of income from In-App purchases and In-App advertising in Killer Snake to The Antivenom Swazi Foundation.

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  1. this was my child good game rn trying to find it in the app store but it's gone I miss this game living in 2023 rn don't delete Ur video please they already deleted our game

  2. Did they delete this game I swear i can't find it

  3. If they ever made a sequel to killer snake it would be more horrifyingly realistic and accurate on how snakes and deadly animals fight back when they are very annoyed or scared or hungry or want to be left alone and more anxiety fear inducing like vemon being pressure on your body’s immune system

  4. I should also make a video of this game one day

  5. When I Play This Game I Catches All Snake And I Don't Have A Bite

  6. it doesn't let you see in full screen

  7. Andrew Martua Purnomo Lumban Tobing Cowo says:

    Is it gold version

  8. I bought Australia and killer spiders and I nearly shat myself

  9. The one i know how u feel i bought the game when i unlocked austrailiya i shat and pissed myself

  10. No fare how you get the killer spider the one 1?

  11. I did one snake 100% this day
    Im just 11years old you noob

  12. Nice job I liked the music When I played It I was fuckin crap

  13. I got all levels and i never got bitten ones

  14. Bringing Back Childhood Memories, Ey?

  15. This shit, no joke, gave me so much anxiety whilst playing. Like I was scared to play it xD

  16. I’ve already played this I’m up to Australia and I have spiders

  17. This and the one about tarantulas was THE SHIT WHEN I WAS YOUNGER

  18. I Play this game to experience some snake to bite me and l was not a chicken at the this game

  19. the game is back on apple store! search deadly creatures and scroll and u will see it

  20. I have hard times on this😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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