Make a snake game with unreal -

Make a snake game with unreal

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  1. Hey all, know this is an old video but if anyone was wondering how to increase the speed as the player collects fruit, it's super easy to do. Go into BP_SnakeHead, go to the EatFruit event and after the AddTail custom event, Set Actor Tick Interval. In the Tick Interval input, connect a clamp(float) with min=0.05 and max=1.0. For the value of the clamp, subtract(float-float) and set the top input of that subtract to Get Actor Tick Interval. The bottom input of the subtract can be whatever number you want but I found 0.01 to work best. The lower the tick interval, the faster it goes. The clamp is there to make sure it doesn't go too fast. Hope this helps someone!

  2. How works Step Size? Why we minus min X for max X? How its works?

  3. Absolute mess. I followed this tutorial second by second and I now have a tail that doesn't follow past the second segment, that plops straight into the snake head when I turn upwards unless I force in delays on the head's ability to collide and before that the Fruit was lethal to the Snake head. I can only hope others have had more luck following this tutorial than I have and can get something out of it.

  4. This video, If done correctly step by step will you show how to create a basic snake game and I THANK YOU FOR THAT !

  5. my snake wont collide with the walls. How do I fix this?

  6. TY a lot for both videous

    will be more of unreal?

  7. I have a problem with this, I have followed step by step so far, but the add tail creates infinite loop and I get an error that says infinite loop

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