Make snake game by c programming.- Code corner -

Make snake game by c programming.- Code corner

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Using c program i was made this game… tell guys how it is ..


  1. There are a few problems that I will raise.

    1) The compiler and IDE are really outdated and is not recommended to keep using it in future, for basics and practice it is good but for advanced work like graphics manipulation and other things, this IDE does not meet the requirements properly

    2) For example : I can see the stuttering while playing the game, you cannot really solve this problem easily.

    3) For example : It is really difficult to set the game resolution for different machines with different resolutions using this compiler and library functions that the compiler provides.

    4) It would be good for your programming career to learn the proper conventions for writing a code, how to give spaces and where to write comments and other stuff which you can find in any GOOD C programming book, your code is all indented in one single vertical line.

    5) Using the Modern IDEs you can utilize things like multi-tasking and exception handling which provide an edge to your application.

    I just raised some points that every game developer keeps in mind before and while working on a game,
    BTW your work is quite good and creative, Good job.

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