Make Snake Game in Java (Part. 1) -

Make Snake Game in Java (Part. 1)

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In this series of video, I will be coding the game, Snake. I will upload the next part of the video tomorrow.
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  1. ATTENTION EVERYONE:Before you encode this. Make sure that you're using an Apple device instead of a Window. Why? Because it has too many bugs and a tendency of snake crash. My first bug is that the snake won't move. I tried to analyze it well, but I think the problem is the device. Correct me if I'm wrong guys. But for me, this code doesn't work.

  2. Bro what software are you using for java plz reply

  3. You're just awesome. Keep going 🥳

  4. I don’t get why u use dimension. Can you please explain? Great video

  5. thx im also on mac 🙂
    Edit: also i said this because im glad your using macbook because JFrame doesn't always work on mac

  6. We should grow this man's channel, he deserves a lot of subs, keep going and never give up!

  7. why are you watching another screen ? i think you maybe watching game logic on google

  8. how did you get so good at programming and understanding how to set these classes up?

  9. how do you get to that console view? (i just started in java/intelliJ)

  10. Thanks so much bro, I was looking for an explanation of the game's code for a while❤

  11. Like! Subscribe! and big thank you for explication of what are you implementing.

  12. Please sir in the graphics class you wrote a method graphics (Graphics g) the g is for what ? And the graphics2d g2d = (graphics2d) g; pls this g is it for the imported game class or what sir

  13. Time to say goodbye to my old Nokia phone. Thanks!

  14. なぁbro 俺はあなたの動画に感謝しているんだぜ

  15. just discovered this channel i am not leaving it😂😂😂😂

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