Making a Snake Game in Rust -

Making a Snake Game in Rust

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Code, as promised:
Make a snake game in Rust. I’ll walk you through… most of it.


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  1. its like code bullet except i'm actually learning :o)

  2. I finally found the bug! (or a bug) if the snake is moving left and you press up or down and then press right in the same frame, you can flip the snake's direction! Currently trying to figure out how to fix this…

  3. Hi,I'm a rust beginner from China,can I reprint your vedio?I will note with the link address of the original video.(Most of Chinese people can't use youtube.)

  4. Wholesome, educating, and inspiring to stop slacking off after work and start working on a cool side project.
    Mate, you have my like, subscribe, and honest "thanks".
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Can you compile it for iOS or Android too?

  6. Sorry for asking, are you also Code Bullet??? Some of your speech mannerisms remind me of that guy.

  7. At 4'54" missing 'mut' for game var, but then later you edited…got confused by that for a sec…

  8. Please, we are waiting for more videos!

  9. I'm gonna make the best multiplayer snake game ever seen in the realm of humans!! It will be greater than any other snake game including slither, but won't be online, but it will still be a great game.

  10. Coming from python and understand exactly nothing from the documentation and about 0.05 of what you say from the videos. An improvement!

  11. I would like to see more games in Rust, please!

  12. a tutorial for how to read tutorials. genius.

  13. what extension are you using for autocomplete?(example at 5:25)

  14. It's nice to see some of the concepts of Rust put into action here. I'm new to Rust so I just needed a starter project to help get some of the foundations of Rust down.

  15. Just found out your channel. Loving it so far.

  16. Someone has copied this and have made a course on udemy.

  17. The bug is that the snake can reverse directions if two keys are pressed between two updates.

  18. When I try it, it fails to build the dependencies saying; "error: failed to load source for a dependency on `piston`" am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to fix it?

  19. Как же приятно читать русские имена и фамилии в названиях репозиториев 🙂

  20. i love the color palette you're using in you videos …

  21. When I was copy pasting some sample codes irresponsibly, I accidentally created a skyrim clone for calculators. I can already hear Bethesda calling me for a job offer.

  22. I HATE PRELUDE CRAP! KILL IT WITH FIRE! Thanks for the awesome video.

  23. nice tutorial, thanks

    about code on github
    1 – update all dependencies
    2 – remove method .opengl()

    done, all works, at least on macos

  24. how do u launch the game after coded, please help


  26. Got this video from recommendation. It's awesome !!, the pacing, explanation, and of course… the joke XD

  27. Dude, you talk weirdly fast. It would be nice if you go a bit slow in a uniform manner, I had to watch the video in 0.75x. Nice video though.

  28. i got an error, so i copy-pasted your code from github but got sae error:

    error[E0463]: can't find crate for `rand`

    what to do now?

  29. 0:25 i'm disappointed: I was expecting the actual code to be in the description. im sure if you minify it, it should fit

  30. Amazing video bro!!! Please more Rust projects! please!!

  31. instructions unclear. accedantly made a program u can interact with ur fav waifu

  32. Am I the only one who ran into the

    | ^^^^^^^ value of type `std::vec::Vec<[f64; 4]>` cannot be built from `std::iter::Iterator<Item=()>`

    error ? That can not be xdd. Well anyway, I solved it somehow. I just wanted to know if I was the only one.

  33. Man this tut epic
    but there no part 2 🙁

    Part 2 when?

  34. Who knows if you read comments on several year old videos but I'm trying to learn Rust and I'm confused as to why you are doing a "use graphics;" then still doing graphics::rectangle, graphics::clear etc… Isn't the point of use to bring in a namespace? Why didn't you complete the use statement for graphics? Just seems odd and I can't figure out if there's a purpose I don't see

  35. As someone just starting to program, too advanced for me already lol.

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