Making a Snake Game Where You're the Food in Python -

Making a Snake Game Where You’re the Food in Python

CS Dojo
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I made a snake game in Python that works in the terminal… but this time, you’re the food! lol

You can check out the game and the code here:
You can find my implementation of the regular snake game here:
You can check out @LorenzoCampos’s original snake game that inspired my idea here:


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  4. Bro how can i share my own snake game link to someone

  5. Please Help Me: I mistakenly Deleted A Python file after making it into a exe, Can you make a video on decompiling a python exe

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  12. After all these years this guy still coding snake lmao you hate to see it.

  13. oh that was you 😮 i remember seeing this project

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  16. now you can add bigger levels, more snakes and two player coop.

  17. oh my god I actually played this I saw it at the like trending page

  18. If it were C++, the snake would've caught you. Luckily, speed's weak with Python

  19. Blessed or curses? I would go with blessed lol

  20. and the final question why the snake eats an apple ????

  21. I want to make a snake game in python using stack and queue. Please help me

  22. I remember watching your python tutorial video like 3-4 years ago i was subscribe since you had 14 subscribers. I see your quality has gone super higher and you are verified!

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  24. thank God i actually thought you were gone

  25. The emojis utilized for the game were changed as a result of Google, resulting in the game becoming distorted. Is there any way to circumvent this?

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  32. Hi. Thanks for your time and efforts in making these tutorials for creating terminal games with Python and blessed. Unfortunately neither of your snake variations run in my Windows 10 "terminal" (command prompt) with Python 3.10.7. When I run the "you're the food" variation, immediately upon pressing an arrow key on the keyboard, I get "woah you won!! how did you do it?!" without seeing any of the "graphics" (actually saw nothing) on screen or playing at all. With your "standard" snake game, upon starting it and pressing an arrow key, I get:

    score: 1 – speed: 3.2
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "", line 91, in <module>
    heading = world[head[0]][head[1]]
    IndexError: list index out of range

    Any ideas about what might be causing these problems and if/how I could try to fix them? And… would you consider sharing your curses version of the snake game, so new Python learners like me could see how the code differs between using curses vs blessed?

    Edit: Apparently my Windows 10 command prompt can not display the unicode characters you used in the code to display the borders, snake and food… so it just displays nothing and gets confused. I simply replaced the special characters with regular ASCII characters in your variables BORDER = '#'

    BODY = 'O'

    SPACE = ' '

    APPLE = '*'

    and it works… then I tried my luck in replacing the BORDER character with a unicode block character 'u2593' and that also works fine. So I will experiment more with which characters Windows 10 can and can not display in the command line, to "upgrade" the "graphics" somewhat from plain ASCII 😀

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