Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater - Announcement Trailer | PS5 Games -

Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater – Announcement Trailer | PS5 Games

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Discover the origin story of iconic military operative Snake and begin to unravel the plot of the legendary Metal Gear series. Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater brings unprecedented new graphics, immersive stealth action gameplay and sounds to its riveting story as players once again return to the world of Metal Gear.

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  1. Can’t wait for this. Hype hype hype. Favourite all time game series. Hope they do it justice.

  2. Guess I will finally be buying a ps5
    Greatest game of all time
    Definitely the best metal gear. Love them all but this one is my top.

  3. That scene with the alligator and the snake really made you feel submerged under the water this 2 minute clip has set a very high bar

  4. I like how they don't mention that it's also coming to Xbox and Steam

  5. The best and dopest game series ever made 🙏🏽🔥💯. As a kid snake was my hero and I was playing Mgs over and over

  6. remember, lads, this is konami, the pachinko company, set your expectations as low as humanly possible, and they will still find a way to disappoint

  7. Ive only played rising revengeance and MGSV always wanted to play the others now i can 💜

  8. I wanted to hear Hideo Kojima reaction of this.

  9. Hopefully it will come to pc eventually

  10. A message to the gaming community . I cannot wait for this as much as the next person but pls do not pre order if you do your part of the problem and why many publishers are releasing half finished games . In this day and age there is no reason to pre order games .

  11. The original was perfect… but I can't complain

  12. Looking forward to play this on the series x

  13. “It’s Snake. I’ve made it to the Disposal Facility.” Oops wrong game! Man this made my week!!!!!!


  15. metal gear solid 3: snake eater, the game of my childhood, is literally the best game ever created. this sent shivers down my spine. seeing this breathtaking game get the anticipated remake that it deserves is unbelievable. i <3 snake

  16. Whats with MGS4, why it always in the PS3 jail 🥲

  17. Though i'm more interested to know if its coming to pc

  18. The begining of the trailer is exactly the same as Death Stranding in the sand
    Tell me if im wrong

  19. The one piece is reaaaaal

  20. Ants < Frog < Bird < Alligator < Snake < "Snake eater" – our guy.

  21. Guess we'll see how it goes without Kojima at the helm. Hoping it won't disappoint but eh, it's Konami we're talking about here so, yeah.

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