Nokia 5110 retro review (old ringtones & games [Snake]) vintage phone -

Nokia 5110 retro review (old ringtones & games [Snake]) vintage phone

Adrián Alcón Żurawka
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  1. My first ever mobile phone back in the day. I was so damn proud. lol Then one day certain rich class mate got 6110 and we 5110 owners were no cool anymore. 🙁

  2. my dad had this phone but i didn't seen it

  3. my favorite ringtones badinerie 1999-2000 legend phone

  4. i wanna buy this phone.. any link please

  5. Ah thanks for uploading the full ringtones. I've been looking for Robo N1X, Dizzy, and Sci fi a lot.

  6. Ring Ring, Low, Intro, Mosquito, Hunt, Knock Knock (Knock Again), Nokia Tune (Grande Valse), City Bird, Attraction, Persuasion, Dawn, Robo N1X, Dizzy, Scifi, Kick, That's It!, Playground, Fuga, Badinerie, Mozart 40, William Tell, Songette, Charleston, Samba, Polska (Polka), Helan, Orient, Tangoed (Tango), Jumping, Mary (Lamb)

  7. What were the actual difference between the different nokia 5100 series.

  8. 4:00 a bus driver was being called… the mobile kept ringing and that ringtone was on and on and on… good old times

  9. i had 2 of these back in the day.. im thinking of getting another one.. sick of smartphones lol too intrusive. thanks for the video

  10. It worked at 1998 and still works 100% properly!!

  11. Witam mam taką Nokię z czarną obudową drugą bez odbudowy

  12. Did any emo used this phone in 2000s? Even for a while?

  13. Adrian help when I try charge my nokia 5110 and wait 2 hours I try turn it on and it only shows green lights then turns off. Is the battery dead or something?

  14. I'll never forgot Nokia. Thanks for this video, you make me remind my childhood. When I was 5 years old, I have the Nokia 3110c and Nokia C1-01 from my father. Thank you for this! I will never unsubscribe you!!

  15. ese telefeno no es para escuela es parab oficcina

  16. Damn what phones have become in 20 years is really astonishing.

  17. This was my second ever mobile and first with games. The snake game was great and years later when touch screens came out me and my cousin still played snake on my nana old colour screen.

    This phone was the cause of one of my funniest school moments. Was hot day so I had my blazer in my bag with my phone in NOT on silent. In English with a nice but strict teacher who usually followed the schools rules of taking mobiles off people and you had to collect them from heads office at end of day. After an unusually boring lesson 15 mins before end of lesson my phone starts ringing everyone looks round and a lad points out it’s coming from my bag. Teacher asks if it’s my phone, hoping to not have my phone took off me I say it’s not mine. It then stops ringing sigh of relief lesson carries on. Only then it starts ringing again. No escaping it this time teacher knows it’s mine so tells me to go out with my bag. She asks again if it was my phone ringing. I reluctantly admit it mite have been to my surprise she tells me to turn it off which I quickly do. I’m told to go back in class and sit down and ignore anything anyone says. She knew a few lads would have something to say and rightly so considering the teacher had taken phones off them in past. Well I hoped they would say something for a laugh. As soon as I went back in they asked if I’d had my phone took off me. I shook my head. They quite rightly told the teacher I should have had my phone took off me, she went mad how dare they try and tell her what she should do and even went as far as defending me for lying about it being me phone saying I probably didn’t dare tell truth as I knew the fuss it would cause. She was fuming and went to get the teacher in next room in who was head of our year to talk to the lads. All this time I’m sat there hand covering my mouth trying to not laugh too much. As we left room for end of lesson she spoke to me for first time warning me not to even think of bringing my phone into her lesson again as I’ve seen the disruption it causes. By this time I managed to look far less amused than I was an just nodded and went.

  18. I hope there's still store exist here in the Philippines selling that phone

  19. When name of nokia tune still grande valse

  20. Ah, this beast was my first phone. Hand down from my older sister. It's amazing to think we, as kids, spent time actually playing these ring tones to each other. And playing the games. How quaint. I will undoubtedly always have a nostalgic fondness for the years period of time both sides of the Millenium, but good lord, I'd never want to go back to using these obsolete things over my Honor 10.

  21. My Son is getting a Nokia 5110 For his 9th birthday

  22. My son is getting that phone on July 10…maybe July 7 or 6.

  23. Ez itt az egyik kedvencem.Nagyon jó telefon.

  24. Who Would win:
    A Powerfull Phone with Snake 2 [3310 2000]
    One Antenna Boi [5110]

  25. Mom: My 7-year old uses this one as his first phone, he must be the most popular kid in school….no way hes getting an iphone…

  26. I currently use an old cell phone that is Nokia 1680 for calls and messages

  27. For sel Nokia 1100and 1600 Nokia new maden in Japan and Vietnam and Hungary and veranti

  28. Does anyone know how the "logic" game was played?

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