Python snake game 🐍 -

Python snake game 🐍

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python snake game code tutorial example explained

We’re using Tkinter, because I have not taught PyGame at this point in time, in case you’re wondering

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  1. what if I would like to make the food will not land on the body of the snake (every block after the head of the snake)??

  2. Hey bro 19/11/21 I finish your python tutorial beginning .Thanks Thanks you so much

  3. Please help how to get the white game table on the game tkinter

  4. Bro, you didn't have to make it this clear, thanks!

  5. قناة الرد على الشبهات says:

    Plss help I have a problem in changing the direction of the snake

  6. I did everything and it didn't happen I'm going to break my damn computer

  7. Thanks man i appriciate you efforts 👍👍it amazing tutrorial it helped me a lottt …. I expect more tutorials😊😊

  8. For some reason it gives me a geometry problem i dont know why

  9. when i want to make it so that the snake apears back onto the screen when going against a wall how do i do tht? (say i were going right and the snake would collide it would appear on the left again)

  10. Thank you, sir, Good project with a good explanation.

  11. Imagine how much better it would be if javascript was able to be added to it

  12. Your tutorials are very understandable.Ive been binging on your full 12 hour python course and im about to finish it.Thank u

  13. Hello, I am getting a error which says this [WinError 2] The system cannot find the file specified

    [cmd: ['py', '-u', 'D:\PythonProjs\']]

  14. Hey man how’d you get the color picker to pop up? Not working for me

  15. Every time I tap the left button it goes up and I can’t seem to figure out how to fix it

  16. how can i add a restart button in this game ?? please reply very urgent

  17. ive got everything working besides the snake. when i hit run the snake does not move. any advice?

  18. I still got on green block showing in the left Corner and don’t know how to get rid of it

  19. Nice video! Thnx so much!!
    Guys do anyone know how could i start this again just pressing button without reopen this script again?

  20. Bro Code Help me! I can't import tkinter, i've tried pip and python packaging tools but they don't work because my sdk is invalid, my motivation is rapidly decreasing, maybe coding isn't for me

  21. can you help me in next turn the snake don't move

  22. thank you, from this video by itself im already learning about developing mini games in python, those are always the best to show off to friends

  23. you are amaaaaaaazing !!!
    i hope you make a series about kivy library and the other important libraries

  24. I love your videos. so easy to understand why a certain line of code is written thanks to how you've explain it and easy to follow. thanks man

  25. im doing the exact same thing from here, but it keeps on failing even tho i rechecked multiple times.

  26. Either I'm finally starting to understand python, or you are just a very good teacher.

  27. What should I do when the food doesn't want to spawn

  28. help at if direction == "up":

    y -= SPACE_SIZE
    it says not defined

  29. Already programmed a Pong game with the help of a tutorial, now I'm ready to program a Snek gaem

  30. great tutorial. I use vscode, however it seems not executing the 4 binding code lines. so . the snake just move dowm and the game go straight to game over… anyone has the same issue?

  31. you gotta give this man some respect, he coded snake game with python. Python is a snake. He is literally coding a snake game with snake

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