Python Snake Game. OOP Pygame Tutorial -

Python Snake Game. OOP Pygame Tutorial

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Pygame Tutorial on How to create a Snake Game in Python programming language.
Step by step, it is described how to create a Snake Game using the well-known and convenient Pygame library using an object-oriented approach.
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  1. Очень минималистичные алгоритмы, как увеличения длины змейки, так и проверки самоедства! У других намного сложнее и запутаннее. Спасибо огромное за великолепные уроки!!!

  2. too hard for beginners this is an intermediate tut that uses modules ive never even heard of

  3. Hey, I was wondering, what theme you're using in pyCharm ?

  4. 8 minutes videos, 30 minutes of code! You're lier!

  5. I followed everything as you said and I am getting attributeerror because game has no attribute snake (regarding using the game.snake.get_random_position())? How is that possible since we are setting it inside new_game method which is run when game class is initialized?

  6. Hey yo what's up bro. Can u show the realization of this game with element of competition? U can add data base for controlling 5 best scores of players, and of course every one who wants to play this game should type his nickname at the beginning of the game.

  7. Hey yo what's up bro , I really enjoyed your video but I really have a little problem while coding and if you can help me please I'll be very happy really cause really I'm lost .

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